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Now the farmers took out a tractor procession in January and said – ‘Seven months, seven-point talks, but our’ seven words’ the government is not listening

Kisan Andolan: It has been decided to postpone the march after the possibility of bad weather on Wednesday.

KISAN MOVEMENT: Protesting farmers’ unions suspended their tractor march for Tuesday, January for January due to bad weather forecast. But he said he would intensify his movement in the coming days. Read more – Punjab BJP leader meets PM Modi, says Maoists enter peasant movement

Speaking to reporters at the Sinhu border, Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav said that seven months have passed since the new law was enacted and the government has held seven rounds of talks with farmers, but it has given seven words to farmers that are not even heard. want Read more – Farmers protest: On the 41st day between winter and rain, farmers are still seen standing on the Delhi border, showing the bodies of protesters in public.

Significantly, these laws were enacted in September. Earlier, the Union Cabinet approved them as ordinances in June and they were implemented. Farmer leaders said thousands of farmers would march for the Kundli-Mannesar-Palwal (KMP) in January from all the protest sites in Sinhu, Tikri, Gazipur and Shahjahanpur (Haryana-Rajasthan border). Yadav said the decision to postpone the march was taken after the possibility of bad weather on Wednesday. Read more – Indian Railways / IRCTC Latest Update: All these trains have been canceled till January 6, see list

It has been raining occasionally in Delhi and surrounding areas for the last three days. The farmers’ union said the agitation against the three agricultural laws would be intensified in the next three days.

“We will send 10 tractor-trolleys from every village in Haryana,” farmer leader Joginder Nain said of another tractor procession proposed for Delhi on January 2. We are requesting people that at least one person from each house and a total of 11 women from one village come.

Haryana police on Sunday fired tear gas shells at a group of farmers at Masani Barrage in Rewani district to prevent them from going to Delhi. The farmers first crossed the police barricade near Bhudla Sangori village and started marching towards Delhi in the evening.

“Two groups of protesters came to Rewari district, one on December 31 and the other on January 3. Police stopped us five kilometers before Dharuhera on January 3. They fired tear gas shells at us,” said Ranjit Singh Raju, a farmer leader from Rajasthan.

Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and other parts of the country have been protesting across Delhi’s border since November 26, demanding the repeal of the Centre’s three agricultural laws.

Abik Saha, leader of the All India Adolescent Conflict Coordinating Committee (AIKSSC), said on Facebook on Tuesday that the government had claimed that 50 per cent of the farmers ’demands had been met, but the agriculture law had been withdrawn from day one. Demand is at the top.

“The government has not kept any documents or shared them with the farmers’ organizations, which makes it clear that the government has agreed to it and how it can implement it,” he said.

The seventh round of talks between the protesting farmers and the three Union Ministers ended on Monday. Peasant groups were adamant in demanding the repeal of the three laws, and the government reiterated many of the benefits of the new law.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said he hoped a solution would be found at the next meeting on January 8, but applause was heard.

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