Not only the peasants but also the government brought the law of labor exploitation: Congress

New Delhi (folklore). The Congress has termed the Modi government as anti-peasant and anti-labor, saying that in addition to enacting three black laws for farmers in the monsoon session of Parliament, it has passed three bills to ignore and exploit the interests of workers.

Senior Congress leader and former Union Labor Minister Mallikarjun Kharag, Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda and Congress-approved trade union INTUC president Dr. Sanjeev Reddy told a joint press conference here on Saturday that the government had passed three labor-related bills in Parliament. Among them the interests of the workers have been completely ignored and working conditions and other facilities have been neglected. These three laws are for the exploitation of workers and in the interest of capitalists and industrialists.

He said that the government has done what it wanted to pass these three laws and has made its own laws. He complained that the factory owners had passed these bills without consulting anyone and had given them the power to exploit the workers.

Kharag said he wondered why there were so many flaws in the law, why BJP-approved labor organizations were not raising their voices against it. They said that whenever Congress governments at the center tried to change these laws a bit, they were consulted with trade unions and so on. However, this time the government has passed these MLAs without consulting anyone. And introduced its own arbitrariness.

Congress leaders said the law enacted by the government was against workers and workers and every party should raise its voice against it. “The government will only think about this when we raise our voice,” he said. He complained that the Modi government only listens to the corporate bodies, does not listen to the workers and now that the anti-labor laws have come into force, the workers’ organizations will not listen and will not allow these organizations to speak.

Kharge says that it is necessary to fight for the interests of labor. Just as the farmer has come to the north of the street today, so too every worker must come to the street and present his things to the people. Especially these three laws need to be talked about everywhere.

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