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Narendra Singh says about your agriculture – Congress is confusing, revolutionary change will come in the lives of farmers



New Delhi. Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar today (Thursday) interviewed the news agency ANI. In it he said that one step after another was taken in the interest of the farmers, but even after so much, until the law was changed, the progress we were thinking about the farmers was not possible, so the Indian government issued two ordinances which have now been released.
Farmers produced the Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Simplification) Bill, 2020 and the Second Farmer (Empowerment and Protection) Pricing Services and Agreement on Agricultural Services Bill, 2020. Both these bills, of course, are going to free the farmers from the discipline of the APMC chain.

Also you said, I want to tell the farmers that let them be implemented, surely there will be a revolutionary change in your life. Our law gives the farmer the freedom to sell his produce from anywhere outside the market at any price he wishes.

I would like to ask the Chief Minister of Punjab why you said in your manifesto during the election that you will change the APMC Act, abolish taxes and promote domestic trade? Congress has maintained it in its national manifesto as well as in the state manifesto. Any Congress leader, whether from the Center or from the state, should first say that we are returning to the declaration we made in our manifesto, so I am ready to hear his argument.

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