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Winter Care Tips: Learn From Experts How to Keep Children Attracted by Changing Climate and Growing Cold Tips

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Heavy snowfall in the northern part of the country and rain and cold winds in the lowlands have also taken Jhansi to the center of Bundelkhand and in such a situation, pediatrician Dr Om Shankar Chaurasia has said that special care should be taken for children.

Dr Chaurasia, head of the pediatrics department at Maharani Laxmibai Medical College, said here on Sunday that due to extreme weather, children have weakened immunity and it is very important to take care of them in severe winters. In such a situation, it is also necessary to provide as much digestible food as necessary to keep the children warm. Kids should be given green vegetables and fruits. Fresh and hot food rich in nutrients helps to increase immunity.

During this season, colds, coughs and fevers are common in children, but parents need to be especially careful considering this time. Go out with the kids, only when it’s crucial. Ear and nose infections occur first due to frostbite, so keep your nose and ears covered even if it is very cold in the house.

In winter, sore throats and chest pains are very fast, for this, always give children warm water. The cold through the soles of the feet badly affects the whole body and children often run barefoot and it is very important to protect them from all these things. Always wear warm socks and shoes on your feet, but keep your feet and hands open for a while in good sunlight, so that your children’s vitamin D needs can be met in winter.

Like feet, babies need to be protected from colds, hats must be worn before wearing. Problems such as cold diarrhea and shortness of breath have increased among children in the growing age. In such a situation, all the children who have any kind of allergy or those who have already suffered from asthma have increased difficulty in breathing. If these children have a minor infection, it is important to seek medical advice immediately.

Children must wear masks when leaving. The use of masks not only protects against coronavirus, but also against a variety of seasonal diseases. Severe winters affect the body’s immune system and are very common in children.

If a person from the family or from outside has a cold, keep the children away from him. To keep children physically and mentally healthy, they should practice light exercise and try to spread this habit among them.

According to Dr. Chaurasia, it takes some time for children to adapt to the weather and for those whose immune systems are weak, their condition is worse and effective efforts need to be made to protect them by keeping them active in the cold. In the Corona era, “precautionary defense”, it is extremely important to be recognized and bring it into your life.


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