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Tesla electric car arrives in Nepal before launch in India! 2 months waiting period and price so

The demand for electric cars is increasing worldwide. Recently, Tesla, a major US electric vehicle maker, has officially announced its arrival in India. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari himself confirmed the company’s arrival in India and said the company would start selling cars in India from this year. But before Tesla’s electric car arrived in India, it reached neighboring Nepal.

However, Tesla has not been officially launched in Nepal, but some of its models are already present in Nepal. According to media reports, about 7 electric vehicles have arrived in Nepal from Tesla. Of which four trains are long range Model X and 3 trains are short range Model 3.

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According to the official data of RTE International, 5 models have already been sold. The company markets Tesla electric cars in Nepal. Let me tell you, the Model X is priced at Rs 3.5 crore (Nepalese currency) and the Model 3 is priced at Rs 1.25 crore (Nepalese currency).

In fact, these Tesla cars are being imported from southern China to Nepal. However, Tesla currently has no official dealership or service outlet in Nepal. Nevertheless, people are showing interest in this expensive electric car. According to a report published in the Himalayan Times, a new policy has recently been implemented in Nepal, on the basis of which any auto dealer can import cars of any brand. For this he has to pay 30 percent extra duty.

Currently, Model X is on display at the Durbar Mall in Kathmandu. Where customers can get complete information about the features, technology and price of this car from the RTE executive. Another 15 tester models have been booked in Nepal and the waiting time for the car is said to be around 2 months. The Model 3 electric car is being preferred the most because of its low price and good range.


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