Success 166 students of Prayas Residential School in Chhattisgarh have

Success: 166 students of Prayas Residential School in Chhattisgarh have achieved success in NIT 2020

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About 1 to 16 students of Prayas Residential School run by Chhattisgarh Government have qualified for the Entrance Test (NEET) with National Eligibility. Many of these students come from Naxal-affected areas. An official said this on Sunday. Net results were announced recently.

Shammi Abidi, director of the state tribal welfare department, told PTI that 3,367 students from the school took part in the NEET. Of the 166 students who passed the examination, 38 were from Prayas Kanya Residential School, Raipur, 33 from Durg, 26 from Bastar, 24 from Bilaspur, 19 from Raipur, 17 from Ambikapur and nine from Kanker.

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“Apart from these, 34 students from Naxal-affected Dantewada and 15 students from Yashpur who were educated at the initiative of the local administration have passed the net,” he said.

The PRIAS program was launched in 2010 under the Department of Tribal Welfare, with the aim of educating students in Naxal-affected, tribal and backward districts. There are now nine such schools in eight districts of the state.

In the Naxal-affected districts, those who get admission in class XI with the help of students who have passed 10th class with good marks, are given special coaching along with their regular education so that they can pass examinations in medical, engineering etc. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel wished him a bright future.

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