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New Year’s Gift: Provides free coaching to students for competitive exams – Yogi Adityanath

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made a big announcement on Sunday with New Year gifts to the youth of the state. He said free coaching would be provided to students preparing for competitive exams. This facility will start at the board level in the first phase. This facility will be introduced at the district level later.

CM Yogi was addressing a public meeting at Gorakhpur Club on Sunday after inaugurating and laying the foundation stone of Rs 560 crore development project.

The Chief Minister said that new software would be launched soon to make the coaching activities a success. The project will start with coaching of Indian Administrative Service, Police Service. After that other competitive exam coaching will also start.

Yogi said, not only this, preparation for engineering, medical and other entrance exams will also be free. So that the youth of Uttar Pradesh can find themselves in advance for the dignified work of the country. Yogi said it would stop the transfer of students. They do not have to leave districts and states to prepare for competitive exams and state exams.

UP looks like a family in the Corona era

Yogi said that 24 crore people in Europe appeared as a family in the Corona era. Where every life is precious we can stop believing for a while. CM said development will change everyone’s life and create employment. The government is committed to accelerating the development of western eastern Uttar Pradesh by exploring all kinds of possibilities. In addition to rescuing the eastern region from every major crisis, we have controlled the flood problem in 40 districts of the state. The CM said the state’s first informed wetland would operate floating restaurants in Ramgarh district. Water sports facilities will start.

Those who called Rom a fiction are now telling everyone

Yogi congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for launching two coronavirus vaccines in the country together and said that India is the first country. In the context of the controversial remarks about the vaccine, the opposition attacking CM said without naming anyone that there are some people in Uttar Pradesh who do not even spare Lord Ram for their benefit. People who once described Sri Ram as a fantasy have now started saying that Lord Rama belongs to everyone. Such a big change has started to be seen all over the state. The CM said that this is what we used to say, give knowledge of Ram to such people.

During SP-BSP, thugs used to occupy houses

The CM said governments have been there before, but they are passing the time. At that time neither the farmer nor the youth was satisfied. During the SP-BSP, his thugs used to occupy people’s houses. No thug would do such a thing today, because he knows that the way of other people, not the world, will be open to him.


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