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Mantra of Success: Whether it is board exam or civil service preparation, remember 5 things

Whether it is a civil service exam or a board exam, candidates dream that their name is also on the topper list. People are ready to face all kinds of problems by working hard for the figure. However, quick success is felt only by those who have their own way to success.

Many of the UPSC toppers also admitted in interviews that success is achieved by a person who has set his own path. While there are no shortcuts to success, success becomes easier for you if you move forward with strategy. For young people preparing for competitive exams, here are five key points that will help you reach your goals.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when preparing a strategy:

1- Study for 50 minutes or less at a time. Then take a 10 minute break. According to one study, reading should be continuous for 30 to 50 minutes.

2- 80/20 formula- You should give more importance to 20 percent of the subject which is 80 percent important to you. Where 80 per cent share which is more than 20 per cent importance should be given less importance.

3- Do not do multi-tasking. That means don’t do many things at once. Do the same thing at the same time. Focus on what you do.

4- If you want to acquire skills in this subject, learn from his expert or take advice. Meet with subject matter experts on YouTube, Facebook and Skype as well.

5- Make notes by hand – Instead of making a note on a computer or mobile subject, make a copy with a pen. Because when you open the mobile to make some notes, it is possible that you open Facebook and waste your time on it.


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