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Mantra of Success: The habit of always learning determines the path to success

It must have happened to you at some point or another. You have failed in the task you have mastered and you think you will do it in a pinch or it is your left hand game. Whether the job is small or big, school exams or any big competition, we should not forget that having extra confidence can damage the job. The same thing is said in our story today. Let’s find out from a short story-

Once upon a time, two strangers came from the same city to earn money. Both of them started their own work. Both had good business. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. The first person thought, now my business has started. Now I have to move on. But there are business ups and downs, that’s what happened to him. There were so many ups and downs in the business that year that he had to face losses at the end of the year. At the same time, the other person’s business also fluctuated, but he did not face losses.

The first person thought I was more experienced than him, yet he was more successful than I was. When he reached out to that person he was surprised at his hospitality. The first person told his other person that he doesn’t succeed even after being experienced, but you succeed even with less experience, how?

The second person replied, I am learning now. The first person said I do not understand anything. The other person replied that I have learned from the faults and successes of others, not just myself, so that I do not face the same problem again and again in my life. Even if it comes, it is easily solved. Then the businessman realized his mistake. He made a fresh start and succeeded and continued to grow.

Lessons in this story:

People should always learn. It keeps his attitude good. It changes and he climbs the ladder of improvement. It is important to learn whether you want to move forward.


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