How to show a stylish woman in a sari This

How to show a stylish woman in a sari? This look of Vidya Balan will be guessed

Vidya Balan is known for her unique role with her strong acting. Also, Vidya fashion sense is such that women are very much liked. Vidya The most special thing about the fashion sense is how to make a simple sari with accessories, it comes in handy in Vidya. If you can take style tips from Vidya to create an ethnic look for Durga Puja on Navratri. Let’s take a look at their fashionable style-

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Sari – @ ShivanibargaoFocial Bag – @ Chamarastudio Makeup – @ Harshjariwala 158 Hair – @ Vosleshalaka Styled – @ Kara_Wire_Ki_Ven Short as transmitted through the brand: This bag is made by the Dalit community who are otherwise obsolete. The artisans were already highly skilled, the only job Rajvar did was to supply superior raw materials and guide them to make the product superior and sophisticated in their design sense. The sari is a true form of art in textiles where handmade chandeliers are digitally printed with watercolor effects.

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If you want to keep the sari in simple style, you can wear white pearl jewelry on top of the flower sari. This will give you a great look.

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Come to #National HandloomDay We are all determined to support our weavers across the country in this difficult time by buying and wearing their beautiful creations in our daily lives and helping to keep the #Handloom Legacy of India alive. Appreciate the labor of love. Always aioyyarahyandaluma buyahyandaluma # # # # alaoyejabuyiupiurasilka aioyyarapiurasilkahyandaluma silkamarkaiyarasurensaaphpiurasilka @ # @ silkamarkindiya siesabimota @ teksamina India Gold: mustard color with a Kanji and fairy scissors colored complex make-up: @ harsjarioyala 158 Hair: @ bhosalesalaka styling: @ What

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If you like silk sari then you will love this style of Vidya. If you like, you can give this style a bit of a twist by creating a high bun with matching jewelry and floral gems.

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Today for a wedding, sari @ shashgaurang patli @ thinkpotli makeup @

A post by Vidya Balan (@balanbidhi) January 31, 2019 at 10:48 PM PST

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Kanchevaram or Banarasi sari are both considered as perfect for ethnic style. If you want authentic traditional themed style then you can match the gold plated jewelry.

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To promote #ShakuntalaDevi in ​​London, Sari – @ Jade_Baimak Bag – @LoveTobag Sunglasses – @JojanJacobsieware Hair – Vosleshalka Make Up – @ shre20 styled – @K_Wor_Ki_Kahan

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The fusion look is quite popular nowadays. If you also want to wear the sari in another style, then wear a long ethnic or plain jacket with the sari, your look will be perfect.

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Tonight by Saree: @starkahiliyani patli: @thippinkpatli hair: vosleshalaka make up: ের sher 20 styled: @ helped_with_what

A post by Vidya Balan (@balanbidhi) December 9, 2018 at 10:10 a.m. PST

Embroidered or wide border sarees also have a different craze. For the best look, all you have to do with this saree is minimal carry while putting on minimal makeup.

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