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Horoscope October 25: Virgo people will dominate enemies, people born in Virgo should not be moved away by emotions, know the status of other zodiac

Planetary locationRahu is sitting on the bull. Venus is moving through the lower in Virgo. Sun and Mercury are in the sign. The Sun is less and Mercury is reflected. Ketu of Scorpio zodiac. Guru is a master in Sagittarius. Saturn is in Capricorn. The moon will be in Capricorn till noon today. After that he will go to Aquarius. That means the poison will last till noon. Pisces horoscope Mars still has a moderate position on the planet. Cross over

Aries –
You will get mixed results. The economic situation seems to be strengthening. The start of the day will be moderate. Focus on health Love and decision making will not be good. You will be a little irritable. Give water to the sun god. Donate Saturn material.

TaurusThe situation is going to get better. A little attention will be paid to immunity. Will focus on health and love. Will recover in any professional position. You go ahead. Place a green object nearby. Mother Kali Puja.

Gemini-The situation will recover after noon. Right now there is an unfavorable situation. Health, love, business everything but your condition will improve after lunch. Donate yellow objects Worship Saturn

Cancer-The situation is somewhat unfavorable. Health, love, business are all going in the opposite direction. It will take you a day or two to get to a better position. Your day will definitely be better. No need to worry too much. Just maintain continuity. Stay in good shape. Avoid aggression. Continue worshiping Bajrang Bali and anoint Lord Shiva with water.

The lion– Slightly unfavorable conditions can be called. But after noon there will be an enjoyable life. Concentrate on health, love, business is going well. Worship Lord Vishnu. Give water to the sun god.

Daughter-We will rule over the enemies. Concentrate on health. Stopping work will continue. Your business will do well too. Donate yellow objects Worship Saturn

Libra-Don’t make emotional decisions. You and I avoid the house. Health is moderate. Love will go well, trade is going well. Will benefit from time to time. Worship Saturn

Scorpio– Deal with household items coolly. The state of love is good. You are also doing well in terms of business. Concentrate on health Keep the red item close.

SagittariusYou will get mixed results. Do not make any new investments or work until noon. After that, you will become stronger. Efforts will appear. Health is good, love is moderate. Trade will start to go well. Donate any black or blue thing.

Capricorn-There will be money but investment will be avoided. Family members will increase. Avoid charges Your health is going well. From a business perspective you will start to get a little better. Keep bowing to mother Kali.

Aquarius-Will live an enjoyable life. Whatever will be needed will be available. Health is good. The state of love is moderate. From a business perspective you are just walking. Worship Ganesha.

PiscesThere will be a little anxiety at noon. A little passed. Health, love, business will all be fine. No problem. Continue worshiping Bajrang Bali and anoint Lord Shiva with water.

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