Horoscope October 19 Pisces zodiac sign boosters when Aries Taurus

Horoscope October 19: Pisces zodiac sign boosters, when Aries, Taurus and Leon zodiac signs pay special attention, find out the status of other zodiac signs

The position of the planet Rahu is in Taurus. Venus in Leo. Sun and Mercury are in the sign. Scorpio has moon and Ketu. Sagittarius has a guru. Saturn is in Capricorn. Mars is moving in Pisces. During this time, Mars and Mercury are moving directly. The moon and the sun have become inferior. This is a very bad situation when both the sun and the moon are low. One must be very careful at this time. Aries, Taurus and Leo in particular should pay special attention to their health. The entire public should pay attention to their emotional and financial condition.

Fake-health requires a lot of attention. May be injured. Some may get in trouble. Don’t get involved in crossover love. Any stain can occur. That could be a problem. The business situation is still going well. Give water to the sun god. Keep the red thing nearby.

Concentrate on the health of the Taurus-life partner. These two will be in love. This is a very good situation. May meet boyfriend-girlfriend. Health is also fine. The business situation is going well. Donate yellow objects

Concentrate on Gemini health. The state of good business is fine, but health and love are not very good. Place the red item nearby.

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Focus on cancer health. Love, business is all going somewhat badly. Do not take any risk of crossover. Worship Lord Shiva. Place the red item nearby.

Leo-Lagnesh has become insignificant. You are in a weak position. The immune system will subtract you. Concentrate on health Love is good news from a good child. Businesses are doing well but health is very important. Give water to the sun god. Place a copper object nearby.

The daughter will remain strong. Your strength will make you successful. Benefit in business and love. Health is moderate. Place a green object nearby.

The position of the bend would be called a slight disruption to health. During this time, the fever is becoming more dangerous and the body temperature may rise due to the inferior sun in the zodiac. Rest in love, business is going well. Offer water to the sun god and worship mother Kali.

Scorpio will work on the ruler-power aspect. Don’t take any risks. Health medium, love is good and you are almost good in terms of business. Give water to the sun god. Keep any copper thing with you.

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Do not believe in Sagittarius this time. Involve someone in your decision. Love is good for moderate health. From a business perspective you are just walking. Worship Hanuman Zia. Recite Bajrang Ban.

Capricorn – The economic situation will be strong. Health is good. The state of business and love is good. You are constantly moving forward. No problem. Mother Kali Puja.

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Aquarius is in good health. But there are two-to-two signs of love, Maine-I. From a business perspective you are just walking. Worship Ganesha. Place a green object nearby.

Increasing the average position st Luckily you can get something. Your health will be considered good business and love is also right. Just don’t let any small thing enter your love. Place the red item nearby. Worship Hanuman Zia.

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