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Horoscope January 4: Taurus people will increase their wealth, zodiac people will get their money back, find out the status of other zodiac signs

Planetary locationMars is in Aries. Rahu is in Taurus. The moon is in the sign of Leo. Ketu is in Scorpio. Venus has entered Sagittarius. Now Sun, Venus and Mercury have a device. Capricorn already has Jupiter and Saturn. This change in Venus walking in transit would be considered better because the combination of Venus and Ketu was not good for the public. We are now rescued from this.


Aries –Time is of the essence for penmen. Your health is going well. You can quarrel with feelings. But there is no big mistake. Fate will support you Give water to the sun god.

TaurusAvoiding repatriation. Material happiness and wealth will increase. Still, family happiness will be disrupted. Health reform has begun. The state of love is good. Even from a business perspective, you’re doing well. Stay in the shelter of mother Bhagwati.

Gemini-Love has improved. The timing is pretty good for the students. Health is already doing well. From a business point of view, it looks like four moons. Place a green object nearby.

Cancer-Now don’t invest in gambling, betting, lottery. Health, love, business are all going well. Keep anything made of copper with you. That would be nice.

Lion-Positive energy is communicating. Don’t risk your child and love. From a business perspective you are just walking. Give water to the sun god. Keep the yellow object close.

Daughter-The mind will be unnecessarily worried. Immersed in emotion you can make decisions. Health and fortune have begun to be companions. Changes in the state of love are possible but will be overcome. Worship Lord Shani.

Libra-The economic situation will improve. Stopped money will be refunded. New sources of income will be created. Health is better than before. Love is right from the point of view of medium business. Worship Lord Shani.

ScorpioTop officials will be happy. Earnings in business will make you feel good about your job. Health will improve. Love is doing moderately well in business. Mother Kali Puja.

SagittariusThe situation is good. Travel will be beneficial. The mind will be engrossed in worship. Health is moderate. Love and business is going well with you. Place the red item nearby.

Capricorn-Now walk a little carefully. Do not take risks unfavorable situation. Healthcare, love has improved, business has also improved. Mother Kali Puja.

Aquarius-The mind will be happy. Get the benefits of the business approach. Physically correct. Family situation, love all look amazing. Place a green object nearby.

PiscesStopping work will continue. Will surpass the opponent. Concentrate on health Love and business are going well. Continue worshiping Bajrang Bali

Ajay Kumar Singh


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