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From Honda BR-V to Hyundai Accent, these 5 cars will not be back in 2021! The company has closed

In 2020, the country’s auto sector has been badly shaken. The Corona epidemic has affected all areas, from vehicle manufacturing to sales and new launch planning. Although the auto sector has high expectations from 2021, there are some cars that will not be able to return to the country’s roads next year. So let us know about the 5 models that auto makers have discontinued.

1) – Honda BR-V: Japanese automaker Honda shut down its sports utility car BR-V earlier this year. As per government directives this year, companies have started upgrading their vehicles according to the new release standard BS6, but Honda has not updated this SUV. The company first showed the SUV in 2015 and it was officially launched for sale in 2016. However this SEVT could not do anything special in the market here and in the end the company had to disconnect it.

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2) – Hyundai Accent: Hyundai, South Korea’s top automaker, has also removed its famous sedan car accent from its official website. The company has launched its new compact sedan Ara this year. Although both cars are equal in terms of length and height, their length is 3,995 mm and height is 1,520 mm. The company has used a 1.2 liter engine in the Accent. Over time, sales of this car also began to decline, after which the company discontinued it.

3) – Nissan Micra: Japanese automaker Nissan’s hatchback Micra was also discontinued this year. The company has not updated this car according to the new emission standard BS6. But when this car was launched in the market, the customers liked it. The company has used a 1.2 liter engine in the petrol version of the car and a 1.5 liter engine in the diesel version. The car was available in four variants, with a starting price of Rs 6.63 lakh at the last minute.

4) – Nissan Sunny: Nissan’s sedan car Sunny was launched in the Indian market in 2011. For the promotion of this car, the company adopted various strategies, but due to its great appearance and great location, this car gained wide popularity in its segment. However, it did not last long. The company has used 1.5 liter engine in both petrol and diesel versions of this car. The company last updated this car in 2017. Now the company has stopped this car.

5) – Renault Captor: French flagship Renault SUV Captor’s flagship SUT was launched in the Indian market in 2017. Now the company has removed this flagship model from this official website. The company does not update this SUV as per the new BS6 release standard. The company has used a 1498 cc engine in the petrol version and a 1461 cc engine in the diesel version of this SUV. Last time, the initial price of this SEV was Rs 9.50 lakh.


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