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Diabetes can stay healthy in winter, just take these 5 foods in limited quantities

The winter season can be quite a hassle for patients with diabetes. Because in winter, there are many foods around us that are very tasty asty but are responsible for uncontrolled blood sugar levels. We often take these foods because we do not have accurate information. However, not all foods are bad for you. However, if you are suffering from diabetes, you should take special care of your diet in winter.

Diabetes is a serious problem that is spreading its wings all over the world. According to a study published in The Lancet Journal, about 98 million Indians will have diabetes by 2030. These statistics are quite serious. Also, when winter comes, we need to be more vigilant.

However, the winter season is very risky for diabetics. However, we can reduce the risk by making some changes in our diet. For this, if we have to avoid some of our favorite foods, you need to cooperate. Because in the long run it can create a fatal situation for you.

So, we are going to tell you about 5 foods that are eaten in large quantities in winter but it can be a bit risky for diabetics. You should avoid these foods in such situations. Let’s find out what these 5 foods are.

1. Glasses

However, molasses is available throughout the year. However, in the winter season, people include it exclusively in their diet. People usually consume a lot of food made with gazak, molasses chikki or molasses. Consume molasses is a form of natural sugar, although it is still high in the range of glycemic index. So patients with diabetes in winter should be avoided.


2. Corn bread

Bread made with corn or corn flour is available in most homes during the winter season. Cornbread and mustard greens are all winter favorite foods. But corn bread also has health benefits as it improves heart health.

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The glycemic index of corn bread is moderate. So taking it regularly or in large quantities can be harmful for diabetics. Patients with diabetes can eat corn bread but in moderation.

3. Sweet drinks

In winter we take a variety of hot drinks to keep our body warm. But plain tea or coffee is healthy. However, drinking sugar, tea, coffee or hot chocolate to keep yourself warm in winter can increase your risk of diabetes.

4. Honey

Honey is often used as a home remedy in winter to get rid of other health related problems like sore throat, cold and cough. However, diabetics should avoid it because it acts as a natural sweetener, it contains a lot of sugar which can interfere with their blood sugar.

Junk food

5. Fried food

As the winter season begins to grow, more and more fried and hot foods are eaten. We all know that fried foods contain trans fats, which can cause inflammation in our body, not only that it can also be responsible for increasing your body’s resistance to insulin.

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Take care too

However, it is very important to consult your doctor periodically in any season. Because they can guide you better according to your situation. So you need to consult your doctor about changes in your diet during the winter season


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