Why is pollution coming back even after strong winds in

Covid-19: Air pollution could increase coronavirus risk: experts

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Experts say air pollution could increase the risk of the coronavirus spreading, making people more susceptible to the disease and exacerbating the condition of Covid-19.

They say the winter season is underway and the lockdown restrictions imposed to deal with the corona virus are now being reduced. In such a situation, the situation of Covid-19 may be more serious. The air quality in the national capital was in the ‘weak’ category on Sunday morning.

According to doctors, increasing levels of contamination cause pneumonia due to respiratory diseases such as viral influenza and low air quality and increase the risk of being infected by the virus. Dr. Ames, Associate Professor of Medicine. Neeraj Nishal said, “There will be time for testing centers to take care of the needs of people infected with coronavirus and similar patients with similar symptoms.”

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Doctors said, “There has been an outbreak of Covid-19 this year. Like the common cold, the virus is expected to increase due to increasing levels of contamination. We are seeing a further increase in the number of cases.” According to Dr. Neeraj Gupta, the mortality rate is associated with population density, proximity to humans and higher levels of pollution in heavily industrialized or urban areas.

He said that this ingredient is more effective during festivals and winter season, especially in northern India where straw burning is common and it adversely affects the air quality. “We don’t really know how the virus will behave,” said Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, a senior adviser at Apollo Hospital’s Internal Medicine. That would be a dangerous combination.

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