Chanakya principle: The crow and the rooster who adopted these good habits could not stop them from succeeding

Chanakya principle: The crow and the rooster who adopted these good habits could not stop them from succeeding


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Acharya Chanakya was a great teacher as well as a good knower of many subjects. Apart from economics, Chanakya has special knowledge of political science, diplomacy and sociology. Explaining the problems related to various aspects of life in ethics, Chanakya said that a person should adopt good habits of crows and chickens in order to be successful.

Acharya Chanakya informed the source of the propaganda through a post. In which the good habits of crows and chickens have been mentioned. Chanakya says that by adopting these habits, man opens himself up to the path of his progress.

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Chanakya principle: Never hesitate in these matters, on the way you become rich and prosperous.

Chanakya Niti Shlok-

Portfolio of reactionary warfare f friend.
Self-financing course

Kala Chagraham in Kuddalcharabatman Kale.
Incredible faith

Chanakya Niti: These people are dissatisfied all their lives, one problem after another comes.

According to the Chanakya principle, waking up at the right time, getting ready for battle, giving their share to friends and loved ones and working hard. These four habits need to be learned by chickens. Be patient. Save time, always be careful and don’t depend on anyone. These habits must be learned by the crow.

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Chanakya says that the person who has adopted these habits in this life, he soon succeeds. With this, such people are always moving forward. Chanakya says that it also becomes easier for such people to get rich.



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