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Caught at Royal Enfield last December! With 37% sales growth, the demand for these bikes is high

Last December was even better for Royal Enfield, the country’s top performance bike maker. Last December, vehicle sales grew a full 37%. The company’s vehicles have performed better in every sector from domestic market to export.

The company sold a total of 68,995 units of cars last December, according to a report released by the company. Which was only 50,416 units last year. The company’s sales in the domestic market increased by about 35%, with the company selling the latest 65,492 units during this period as against 48,489 units in November last year.

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In addition, the export business has recorded the highest growth of 72%. The company exported a total of 3,503 units of vehicles in December. Which was 1,927 units in December last year. The company has sold the most classic 350 models. This bike has been very popular with the customers for a long time, with a starting price of Rs 1.61 lakh.

“We have developed a product plan for the next 5 to 10 years and will market one product every quarter,” Royal Enfield CEO Binod K told local media in a statement. The company is set to launch several new bikes in the market this year, including the next generation model of the Classic 350.


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