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‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestant Nishant Singh Malkhani accident, actor shares the whole story

TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestant Nishant Singh Malkhani has had an accident on his way from Mumbai to Jaisalmer. The car was badly damaged even though the actors were safe. Sharing the whole story, Nishant Singh Malkhani said that he had an accident a minute before the whole country was going to celebrate the New Year.

In a conversation with Jaipur Times, Nishant Singh Malkhani thanked God and said, “No need to worry about anything, I have not been hurt. I am fine. The car is completely damaged. I had to call the crane to lift it. I was able to stay with him. ”

Serial ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paga’ actor Nishant Singh Malkhani was driving when a car coming from the side of the road hit his car. Nishantha said that while I was driving, I suddenly saw the car coming from the wrong direction from the front. The road was a bit wide, and to save everyone I got out of the car, which caused my car to fall into a deep hole. We were all safe and no one was hurt. The man who hit our car in his car was a fugitive. Somehow we all managed to reach the hotel later.

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Nishantha further said that it was quite shocking for me as the accident happened at 11:45 pm. A minute ago when everyone was going to celebrate the New Year. Explain that Nishantha went on a road trip with friends for the first time. He will never forget this trip. Nishantha says I have never been on the road. When I came to work in Jaisalmer, I thought I would drive and take some friends with me. At the end of the work, we all decided to take this trip forward, thinking that the New Year would be celebrated in Rajasthan. But it happened.

Nishant’s family lives in Delhi and everyone is worried about the accident. Nishantha says that my mother cried when she heard all this. I explained to him that I was fine, would come back and see him, so that he could see me and be sure that I was fine.


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