Because of these 4 things there is no money in

Because of these 4 things, there is no money in the house, the purse is empty even after earning day and night

Every human being wants to live a happy life. A person needs money to fulfill his desires. Sometimes it happens that we work day and night to meet the needs of our family. But in the end our hands are empty. Sometimes Bastu Dosha is also the cause of lack of money in the house. According to ecology, with some remedies and strategies, you can overcome the ecological defects. Find out if your home environment is bad, but how can we keep it away so that money stays in the house-

1. According to ecology, the cupboard or locker where you keep money should face north. It is said that as this money grows, so does the cost.

2. According to the ecosystem, the drainage of the house should be on the south and west side. The economic drainage drain route has been cut in the right direction.

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3. According to ecology, it is often inauspicious to read basin or tap water. This means the water flows like water and the indescribable cost also increases.

4) It is said that it is bad to keep broken glass in the house. By doing this, the house has a negative energy and economic loss.

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These 3 things can change the home environment-

1. It is believed that the house needs to have a swastika mark. It is said that if there is a swastika sign in the house, the negative energy does not come in the house. The house is the abode of happiness and prosperity.

2) It is said that it is very good to have a pitcher in the house. It also brings happiness and financial benefits to the home.

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3. It is said that making Om sign in the house removes ecological errors and increases love between the members of the house.

(We do not claim that the information provided in this article is completely true and accurate. Please consult with an expert in the relevant field before accepting them.))


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