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Annual Statistics 2021: This year the fortune will be lucky for 8 people, in many cases it will be good

Annual Number 2021: The year 2021 will be lucky for the lucky 8. Court cases will be successful. There will be relief in some old cases. This year will be very auspicious for the people involved in government and politics. However, Saturn can punish with Mercury by bringing the fruit of karma. So try not to bother or hurt anyone. Iron business will benefit. Good news related to business can be found from abroad. Farmers will benefit. Brother will benefit in business. The family will have a festive atmosphere. The respect and role of people working in senior positions will increase. The marriage effort will succeed. Overall health will be fine. You will get rid of ear related diseases. Therefore, if Saturn is the opposite of the random horoscope, remedy it. There may be joint or knee related problems. Pay attention to dental health. There may be some obstacles in education.

Lucky color : Black

Lucky numbers : 8

Solution: People born on the higher Saturn planet are unfavorable, they should donate black cloth or black donations on eight Saturdays. This will help to optimize the effect of Saturn.

Annual Number 2021: Fate 7 In 2021, love will have the desired success

Here’s how to remove your luck:

According to numerology, you must know your date of birth to find your radix to know your future. Example- If you were born 16th then your radix is ​​1 + 6 = 7. Similarly, if you were born 28th then your radix was 2 + 8 = 10.


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