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Advantages: The Madrasa Council Board will reduce the course by 30 per cent before the examination

It has been decided to reduce the course due to the corona epidemic in the madrasas run by the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Board. Before the Madrasa Board, the UP Board, CBSC and ICSE Board have also seen a 30 per cent reduction in the syllabus for the 2020-21 academic year due to Kovid-19. Madrasa Board Academic Session 2020-21 will be held along with UP Board Examination. Therefore, the Madrasa Board has decided to reduce the courses of Kamil and Fazil by 30 per cent in higher secondary, senior secondary as well. The test is possible after a few months. Like other boards in the Corona era, Madrasa boards also held online classes. Through which 60 to 70 percent of the courses have been taught. Now the Madrasa Board has announced to reduce the number of courses. Which is good news for Madrasa students. Now students have to prepare for the exam with less syllabus. Examination question papers will also be prepared with short courses.

Which lessons will be removed, which will remain

The UP Board, CBSE and ICSE had earlier announced that they would not reduce the number of courses by only 30 per cent. Rather it has also been clarified which text will be removed. Now the Madrasa Board has announced to reduce the number of courses for the current academic session but no decision has been taken yet on which course will be removed. The decision will be taken by the screening committee of subject matter experts. Which text can be removed from the syllabus of the Madrasa Board will be decided only by the decision of the committee.

The decision was made because of Corona

Madrasa Board Registrar RP Singh said that like other boards, the Madrasa Board has decided to reduce the number of courses by 30 per cent for the 2020-21 academic year. Reduction will be course based examination. This decision was made only because of the Corona epidemic.

Important issues related to Madrasa Board at a glance

Number of subsidized madrasas in the state – 558
Number of recognized madrasas in the state – 16500
Number of candidates appearing for the Board Examination for 2020 – 1,82,2599
-2020 – Number of girls passed in 55,457
-2020 – Number of students passed in 60,175 Number


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