Monsoon and cyclonic activities because of the rain, drop in temperature


In the country, Wardha (Vidarbha) in the highest temperature of 43.4 degrees Celsius, which on the Sunday of Madhya Pradesh, Khargone in the 44.5 degree Celsius recorded temperature to a lesser degree.

New Delhi:

Last week be the beginning and the Arabian Sea in cyclonic activities due to the numerous places in the rain on Monday large parts of the country the temperature in general been low. The South Western Monsoon your assigned time on Monday, the Kerala reached and corresponding with the four months lasting rainy season Needs No Introduction. Western ferment of go Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in the somewhere rain. India Meteorological Department has a bulletin in the said, in the next five days in the country, Lu The Walking there is no possibility of. In the national capital is partly cloudy and the maximum temperature 35.4 degrees Celsius. In the country, Wardha (Vidarbha) in the highest temperature of 43.4 degrees Celsius, which on the Sunday of Madhya Pradesh, Khargone in the 44.5 degree Celsius recorded temperature to a lesser degree.

IMD said that in North India ‘more than usual’ monsoon rainfall is likely to be there, central India and southern peninsula in the ‘normal’ it will rain. However, east and North East India in other parts of the country than in the short rains is likely to be. In several parts of Kerala with heavy to very heavy rain, especially on Kozhikode to Ankara in . Even 15 centimeters of rain recorded. In the district, two for the day red alert was released. Red alert very heavy from the horrific rain likely expresses. In the bulletin stated on Monday that 10 districts and Tuesday the seven districts for a yellow alert was issued. Though Thiruvananthapuram in the morning heavy rain, afternoon here until the sun nickel eye.


In the state of rain moving in Lucknow dropped Mercury
Uttar Pradesh capital of Lucknow in maximum temperature from normal to four degrees less 36.4 degrees Celsius. Some parts of the state in Ballia in 7.3 mm and Gorakhpur in 0.8 mm rain recorded. Banda state the location where the mercury 41.6 degrees Celsius is, then Jhansi at 41.1 degrees Celsius and Allahabad in the 40.8 degree Celsius. Haryana and Punjab in many parts of the last two-three days in the rain and the maximum temperature on Monday, the general level remained low. In Chandigarh, the maximum temperature normal by six degrees more 33.8 degrees Celsius. In Haryana, Ambala’s maximum temperature normal by seven degrees low 32.9 degrees Celsius, while Bikaner the temperature of the normal to eight degrees low 32 degrees Celsius.

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In Haryana also because of the rain dropped the temperature
Hisar’s maximum temperature from normal to eight degrees less 34.5 degrees Celsius, while Narnaul temperature of 35.5 degrees Celsius. Of Punjab in Ludhiana than normal temperatures seven degrees below 32.9 degrees Celsius. Rajasthan in parts of on Monday with winds rain. Churu in 63.6 mm rainfall recorded in Jaipur 11.7 mm, Ajmer 2.6 mm, in Kota 0.6 mm precipitation occurred. Quota in the state is the most hot place where the temperature 40.9 ° C being, in Jaisalmer 40, in Bikaner 39.8, Barmer and Churu in temperature 38.5 degrees Celsius is. Meanwhile IMD said that the Arabian Sea the pressure in a severe cyclone transformed into three on June the north Maharashtra and South Gujarat coasts of the Cross can.

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In Gujarat, due to the storm dropped the temperature
The Gujarat government low-lying areas to evacuate, ordered and six more districts in national disaster redemption Force (NDRF) and 10 teams have deployed. Weather in Ahmedabad center of director Barack the government said, US three the evening of June suppression near the southern Gujarat coast on the 90 to 100 km per hour at a speed of cyclonic storm coming fears. Bhavnagar weather of Saturday turned abruptly to the here rain with strong winds went . Gale from the district at some places of the tree and the solar panel uprooting. Ragged withstand the Heat are in Mumbai and its surrounding areas in the morning time light showers arose. IMD, according to the website of Mumbai’s Dharavi in the last 24 hours in the most 31.46 mm rain recorded. Meanwhile, Goa people in the next two days in the beaches or in the sea not to have been advised. The national capital Delhi In temperature on Monday from the usual seven degrees lower was recorded.

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In the days to come 2 to 3 degree Celsius temperature expected to grow
Safdarjung observatory, the maximum temperature 35.4 degrees Celsius while Palam observatory, the maximum temperature 36 degrees Celsius high to be recorded. The weather department said on Tuesday the city in very light rain or thunderstorms with the splatter of falling estimation expressed. During this time, the maximum and minimum temperature, respectively, 37 and 23 degrees Celsius around is likely to remain. India Meteorological Department’s Regional Forecast Center of major Kuldeep Srivastava said that the current western disturbance and strong winds of the bearing until Sunday evening will be significantly reduced. He said that a June three of June in Delhi-NCR at the maximum temperature two to four degrees Celsius is likely to increase.

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