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Many of the 26 Naxalites killed in the encounter had a reward of lakhs on their heads, got a cache of weapons

Of the 26 Naxalites killed, Milind Teltumbde, 50 lakhs on Teltumbde’s head, 20 lakhs on Mangu Podyam, 16 lakhs on Mahesh alias Shivaji Raoji Gota, 8 lakhs on Kishan alias Jaiman, Sannu alias Kovachi, 8 lakhs on Bhagat Singh alias Pradeep alias Tilak Z. There was a reward of lakhs on the head of 14 including 6 lakh rupees

Nagpur/Mumbai: Many of the 26 Naxalites killed in an encounter with the police in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district had a huge reward on their heads. Officials gave this information on Sunday. Maoist leader Milind Teltumbde was also among the killed Naxalites, who had a reward of Rs 50 lakh on his head.Also Read – Top Naxal Commander Milind Teltumbde was also killed in 26 Naxalites, Mumbai Police had an encounter a day earlier

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Police said that on Saturday morning, a search operation was started by the C-60 commando team of the police in Mardintola forest area of ​​Kochi, Gadchiroli, after which the encounter started. In this encounter 26 Naxalites including Teltumbde were killed. Teltumbde was a member of the Maoist Central Committee and was an accused in the Elgar Parishad-Maoist case. A police officer said that a reward of Rs 50 lakh was declared on his head. Also Read – Naxals Encounter in Maharashtra: 26 Naxalites killed, 4 jawans injured in encounter in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli forests

Apart from this, a reward of Rs 20 lakh was announced on the commander of company number 4 of Maoists Lokesh alias Mangu Podium. Mahesh alias Shivaji Raoji Gota, a member of the Divisional Committee of Kasnasur Dalam, had a reward of Rs 16 lakh. Korchi Dalam’s Commander Kishan alias Jaiman and Kasnasur Dalam’s Commander Sannu alias Kovachi had a reward of Rs.8 lakh each.

Teltumbde’s bodyguard Bhagat Singh alias Pradeep alias Tilak Z has been paid Rs 6 lakh, while Prakash alias Sadhu Boga, bodyguard of Naxalite Prabhakar Lachhu, Navluram alias Dilip Tulavi, Bandu alias Dalsu Gota, Kosa alias Musakhi and Pramod alias Dalpat Kachlami have four lakh each. There was a reward of Rs.

Apart from this, there was a reward of two lakh rupees on the newly recruited Chetan Pada in Tipagarh Dalam, the official said. Vimla alias Manso Boga was the bodyguard of Milind Teltumbde among the slain female Maoists and a reward of Rs 4 lakh was announced on her.


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