Locust Attack: farmers worry grew, somewhere Grasshopper-term do not go to the cotton and millet crop


Locust Attack: North India in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan in cotton (Kapas), millet and corn (Maize) crop of the grasshopper from the fear of loss remains.

New Delhi:

Locust Attack: Monsoon to knock before giving this year Locusts The foray by speaking of the farmer is raising concerns. However this time Kharif crops (Kharif Crop) The sowing has not begun so much of the loss is not afraid, even in North India Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan in cotton (Kapas), millet and corn (Maize) crop of the grasshopper from the fear of loss remains. The grasshopper outbreak of combat, ranging at the meeting busy of Punjab Agriculture Director s. The. Erie pointed out that in Punjab Cotton (Cotton) Sowing of quite already begun and was at this time the crop green-loaded-on which the grasshopper outbreak of the risk, so deal with it, measures are being made.

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Punjab’s Fazilka district in Locust averted reached
He said that Punjab’s Fazilka district in Locust pass away has reached out and anywhere where corn crop is there, Grasshopper maize also can do harm. Wind stance according to the move to change the grasshopper team on Thursday in Haryana not reached, but the State Department of Agriculture Director Dr.. Could never ignore pointed out that the state in the cotton crop of considerable acreage has been on the way locusts can wreak havoc there. He reported that locust outbreaks, ranging in the state have been warned. Uttar Pradesh also in the Locust’s attack range alerts have been issued. The capital of the country Delhi is also on the grasshopper’s foray speaking of the apprehension remains. In Delhi, although the cultivated land is not much, but the grasshopper capital of the greenery longingly can.

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Neem, Acacia and Rosewood, not to inflict damage
Rajasthan Jodhpur located locust control center of the field officer Pawan Kumar said that neem, Acacia and rosewood to leave and any trees and plant the greenery of the locusts does not escape you, everybody gobble up are. Kumar also told that the cotton crop by this time the grasshopper is the risk of. He said that bajra crop by locusts most are. Rajasthan’s Nagaur district of farmer.C Sharma pointed out that the locusts tide harvest, the most damage are. Agriculture scientist says that the reason why these provinces the governments along with the Central Ministry of Agriculture and its related department stresses that this time the grasshopper is on the control because ahead of paddy, including pulses and oilseeds crops sowing is about to begin.

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The agricultural expert explains that the Locust outbreak this time Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, have much in where the kharif season, the crops, the sowing has not begun and rabi crops harvesting of the stack, so crop damage fears of not very much. In the Bay of Bengal came cyclonic storm amp after the sharp Papua-wind from the grasshopper crew of the move increased, and Pakistan the way to Rajasthan to enter it after Madhya Pradesh to have been. Grasshopper crew in respect of activities of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on May 27 in its report said that the Rajasthan in July, the grasshopper parties to several successive attacks is likely to continue which the whole of North India along with Bihar, Odisha and can go up to and during the monsoon the air stance change back from the Rajasthan side of the can-do attitude. Indian farmers organization State President Rajendra Yadav said that Uttar Pradesh if the Locust team foray speaks, then this same maize crop heavily can damage The because the terrain in the maize crop of Bali in Look are done.

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