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Lockdown in the pregnant wife of the housed full care, in the home will Ronak


Corona virus (Coronavirus) has the whole world shook. People mental discomfort you are undergoing. In such a must that themselves cool and relax place.

New Delhi :

Corona virus (Coronavirus) The whole world shook. People mental discomfort you are undergoing. In such a must that themselves cool and relax place. Pregnant woman this time, much care is needed to keep. If these fine will be if their child is also healthy will cause. Baby healthy you will be in your home with happiness, and their look will be.


A woman to her husband than most could handle. Lockdown because of you if the house and your wife pregnant so you have a chance that their responsibility for you own taken. Your wife’s eating and drinking care of the place. Him the work. These make sure that the rest also are.

Corona virus ranging pregnant women to see the future of anxiety

Corona virus because of your wife these fears persecuting elsewhere that will have him or her be the baby Corona your JD in right, take take. She is the future of the Unites battling will be. Such you them calm keep will. Sitting with them..things. Good music pronouncement. Old things try to remember. Hands in hand, ranging them believe guilty that everything would be fine. Tiny guest in their life, happiness, only happiness will bring.

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Medical app must download

In lockdown you time-time of the health checkup to can not go out. Corona virus of fear will also. Such a mobile app download or then the doctor consult online take stay. Lockdown in government mobile app from the Home-House in the mother and child for every necessary facilities are scaled up. For it you Nokia mm (imummz) app to your phone must download, where you pregnant for women will get accurate information.

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Wife exercise to

Lockdown because of the pregnant women out walk on the not be able is. Them tied-tied little experience. Such in you home on the roof of the home or only in them for a walk please encourage. Their with indoor game play. New-new activity please. Additionally exercise together.

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Eat keep care

Pregnancy the mood in the see happens. Such you their special have to take care. Home made in the food fed them. Fruit and vegetable the way in front of them present so that she happy to be and eat. If they fit I then inside them the moment the baby being too will fit.

Wife foot massage please

Rather, they relax to a foot massage can also give. Pregnancy in women with swelling in the legs is. Pain also occurs. So them massage let. Them will feel good with it, as well as their stress away.

If you like the corona of the epidemic between his pregnant wife’s care are not interested then the results can be counterproductive. Your joys the eye could look. Such in you and your home of every member of responsibility that keep them happy.

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