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Kidnapping, dragging two girls in a moving vehicle in UP, arrested for raping a teenager

Two Scheduled Caste girls were abducted and one of them was raped in a moving vehicle in UP’s Bareilly district.

Berili: A youth has been arrested in UP’s Bareilly district on charges of abducting two Scheduled Caste girls and raping them in a moving vehicle. A young man named Faizal along with some of his colleagues got into the car and forcibly took the student and her niece in the car. The girl was raped on the way. The teenager was sent for a medical examination on Tuesday. Read more – Farmers protest: On the 41st day between winter and rain, farmers are still seen standing on the Delhi border, showing the bodies of protesters in public.

Police gave this information on Tuesday. Faridpur police officer Alok Agarhari said, “A 14-year-old ninth-grader went to the toilet outside his house with his niece last Sunday night. The girl was raped on the way, he said, adding that the teenager had been sent for a medical examination on Tuesday and the rape case would be escalated on the basis of his report and the girl’s statement. Read more: Yogi Adityanath’s big step in Muradnagar case, case to be filed against accused under NSA

The girl’s father alleged that Faisal, while sitting in the car, talked to his daughter and with the help of his colleagues, pushed her and her niece into the car. Meanwhile, he said, the sister-in-law of a teenager who came out of work saw all this and made a noise. He claimed that Faizal fled the car after hearing the noise, followed by the teenager’s brother, but the car went too far. Read more – Meteorological Department’s latest warning, thunderstorms and rain forecast in many places including Delhi, Haryana, Western UP

According to the girl’s father, the police stopped the car near Dharmapur Pulia and released the teenager and his niece. District Magistrate Agarhari said Faizal had been arrested. He said the teenager’s brother had complained to the police station in Tehri that Faizal had cheated on the teenager
Talks and kidnaps and rapes her. However, the matter is being investigated.


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