‘Iron Man’ Milind Somon told the Prime Minister – I don’t go to the gym to stay fit



New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday exchanged views with celebrities in the world of fitness on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Fit India campaign. So that the people of the country can be motivated to stay fit. During this time, actor and ‘Iron Man’ Milind Soman described his 81-year-old mother as an example of fitness. Milind Soman said his mother started tracking at the age of 60. Milind Soman said he doesn’t believe in going to the gym to stay fit. He can also fit in eight by ten feet space. Responding to a question from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Milind Somon said, “I have no routine. I like to practice. The time I get during the day, be it three minutes or three hours, I keep working. I never go to the gym. I never have a machine.” I don’t use it. If I want to be naturally fit, to be healthy, I can easily stay fit and healthy at home with simple things. I tell people eight by ten feet I can fit in place too. “

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Milind Soman said, “I moved to Bombay from Delhi in 2012. My mother is 61 years old. What she can do today, I want to be the same at her age. My mother is my example. Milind Soman said that our grandfathers used to walk 40-40 km. In many parts of the country, women walk 40-40 km to get water.

Milind Soman said I can run a marathon. I can prepare for it. People need to understand how fit we should be. There are different criteria for staying fit for a marathon, mountaineering or normal life. This understanding will be developed through the Fit India movement. People need to understand that life does not end at the age of 40, it can start from here.

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