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India’s reply to OIC, the organization of Muslim countries, said – do not speak in the internal matters of the country

India criticized the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for its misleading statement about the eviction drive in Assam.

New Delhi: India criticized the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for making a “misleading” statement about an incident related to an eviction drive in Assam. India said the group has no right to comment on the country’s internal affairs. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said India rejects all such “inappropriate statements” and hopes that no such reference will be made in future. Bagchi said, “India deeply regrets that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has decided to once again comment on the internal affairs of India by issuing a factually incorrect and misleading statement on the unfortunate incident in the Indian state of Assam.” .’Also Read – These are serious allegations against suspended DIG Raunak Ali Hazarika, who was arrested in Assam yesterday

He was responding to a media query about OIC’s remarks on an incident in Assam’s Darang district last month. Bagchi said, ‘Indian authorities have taken appropriate legal action in this regard. It is reiterated that OIC has no right to interfere in matters relating to the internal affairs of India. He should not allow his platform to be influenced by vested interests. Also Read – Three districts and two police station areas of Arunachal Pradesh declared ‘disturbed’ under AFSPA, border with this state

Two civilians were killed and several policemen were injured during an anti-encroachment operation in Darang. In a statement issued on October 3, the OIC General Secretariat criticized the eviction drive and alleged that it was a part of a campaign against the Muslim community. “The Secretariat of the OIC has indicated that the reports in the media are shameful and calls upon the government and authorities in the Republic of India to take a responsible stand in this matter,” the statement said. Also Read – Big statement of Chief Minister of Assam, said – ‘PFI’s hand behind Darang violence, Central government should impose restrictions’


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