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Indian Railways / IRCTC Latest Update: All these trains have been canceled till January 6, see list

Indian Railways / IRCTC Latest Update: Due to the peasant movement, the Railways has canceled some trains till January, while some of the routes have been diverted. See the list of trains here ….

Indian Railways / IRCTC Latest Update: Indian Railways has canceled many trains. These trains are tomorrow i.e.. Canceled until January. In that case, if you have made a reservation to go somewhere, you must check the status of your train before leaving home. These trains have been canceled due to the Kisan movement in Punjab, and many train routes have also been diverted. Read more – January In January, farmers will take out a tractor procession, saying – ‘Seven months, seven-point talks, but our’ seven words’ government is not listening

What trains are there, how many trains have route diverts .. See full list Read more – Punjab BJP leader meets PM Modi, says Maoists enter peasant movement

Here is the list of canceled trains

1. Train No. 09613 Azam-Amritsar Express will be canceled on special train 04.01.21. Due to this, 09612 Amritsar-Ajmer Express special train will be canceled on 05.01.21. Read more – Indian Railways fare hike news: Will train fares increase? This answer came from the railway …

2. Train No. 05211 Darbhanga-Amritsar Express Special Train 04.01.21 has been canceled. For this reason, train number 05612 Amritsar-Darbhanga Express special train will not run on 06.01.21.

List of partially canceled trains

1. Train No. 02715 Nanded-Amritsar Express will leave for New Delhi on 4 January. For this reason, train number 02716 Amritsar-Nanded Express. Delhi will open from New Delhi in January.

2. Train No. 09025 Bandra Terminus-Amritsar Express will run till Chandigarh 04.01.21 at 1 Hence Train No. 09026 Amritsar-Bandra Terminus Express. It will open from Chandigarh on 06.01.21. Its activities between Chandigarh-Amritsar-Chandigarh will be canceled

This is a complete list of diverted trains –

-Train No. 02903 Mumbai Central-Amritsar Express will run on special Bias-Tartaran-Amritsar route 03.01.21.
-Train No. 02904 Amritsar-Mumbai Central Express Special will run on Amritsar-Tartaran-Beas route at 04.01.21.
Train No. 02925 Bandra Terminus – Amritsar Express will run via Special Bias-Tartaran-Amritsar at 04.01.21.
Train No. 02926 Amritsar-Bandra Terminus Express will run on Amritsar-Tartaran-Beas on 09.01.21.
04650 Amritsar-Joynagar Express special train will run from Amritsar-Tartaran-Beas at 04.01.21.
– Train No. 02026 Amritsar – Nagpur Express Special will run Amritsar-Bis at 04.01.21.


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