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Indian Railways/IRCTC: Goods train derailed in Odisha, nine coaches overturned, 12 trains on this route canceled, see List

Indian Railways/IRCTC: Nine coaches of a goods train going from Firozpur to Khurda Road in Odisha overturned and one coach derailed. While 12 trains on this route have been canceled, the route of many trains has been changed. View List

Indian Railways/IRCTC: Nine coaches of a goods train overturned and one coach derailed in Odisha. There is no news of any casualty in this accident. According to the information, a goods train going from Firoz Nagar to Khurda Road derailed between Angul and Talcher Road (2 km from Talcher Road) after exiting from Angul station in Odisha. The incident happened at around 2.35 am on Tuesday. 9 coaches of the train overturned and one coach derailed. There is no casualty in this accident.Also Read – IRCTC Indian Railways: Elderly and women can easily get seats in the train, just like this, booking from IRCTC

After the incident, the movement of trains has come to a standstill and many trains on this route have been canceled, while many trains have been diverted. 12 trains of this route have been canceled while 8 trains have been diverted. This information has been given by issuing a press release on behalf of East Coast Railway. Also Read – Rare video: When four trains started running on the tracks simultaneously in the same direction, the amazing scene was captured in the camera. Watch Viral Video

Rourkela-Bhubaneswar Intercity Special train has been partially canceled, while today Intercity Special train will go from Rourkela to Sambalpur. The service between Sambalpur-Bhubaneswar has been canceled from both the sides. Also Read – Indian Railways News: Railways announced – more than 250 Ganpati special trains will run, see information on the given website …

List of canceled trains

08105 Rourkela – Puri Special, Rourkela Se.

08106 Puri-Rourkela Special from Puri.

02862 Bhubaneshwar – Rourkela Inter City Special from Bhubaneswar.

02866 Puri-LTT Special from Puri.

08493 Bhubaneshwar – Balangir Inter City Special from Bhubaneshwar.

08494 Balangir-Bhubaneswar Inter City Special from Balangir.

08451 Hatia-Puri Special to Hatia.

08452 Puri-Hatia Special from Puri.

08425 Puri-Durg Special from Puri.

08426 Durg-Puri Special from Durg.

08127 Rourkela – Gunupur Special from Rourkela.

08128 Gunupur-Rourkela Special from Gunupur.

Route of these trains has been changed

02814 Anand Vihar-Bhubaneswar Special will leave from Anand Vihar on 13.09.2021 via Chakradharpur-Jaroli and Jakhapura.

08503 Visakhapatnam-Amritsar Special will run from Visakhapatnam (now at Khalikote) via Vizianagaram-Rayagada-Titilagarh-Sambalpur.

08426 Durg-Puri Special will run from Durg on 13.09.2021 to Boinda via Sambalpur-Titilagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

08451 Hatia-Puri Tapaswini Special will run from Hatia on 13.09.2021 to Angul via Sambalpur-Titilagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

02145 LTT-Puri Special will leave LTT on 12.09.2021 at Angul via Sambalpur-Titilagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

04709 Bikaner-Puri Special will leave Bikaner on 12.09.2021 at Rairakhol via Sambalpur-Titilagarh-Vizianagaram-Khurda Road.

05128 Gunupur – Rourkela Special will run from Gunupur on 13.09.2021 via Kapilas Road – Jakhapura – Jaroli on Talcher Road now.

02037 Puri-Ajmer Special will run from Puri on 13.09.2021 via Khurda Road- Vizianagaram-Rayagada-Titilagarh at Budhapank.


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