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Independence Day: Children will not be seen in the Red Fort this time, guests will need two yards

Preparations have begun for the Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort, but this time its style has changed a bit compared to the previous year due to Corona. This time since the ceremony has to maintain social distance, the chairs have been placed two yards away. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Thus, the number of VIPs has been reduced by about a quarter, with the exception of school children called for ceremonies.

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Changes between then and now

  • In the first program, about 10,000 school children would come, this time they will not come, instead 500 NCC cadets have been called instead.
  • The first program has 25,000 guests. This time around five thousand guests will be present here.
  • The first VIP guest has been invited to the event, but this time Corona Warriors has also been invited.

Why things are changing

In Corona’s view, the rule of social distance has been instructed to be strictly followed. In addition, specific guidelines have been laid down for the celebration of Independence Day at various levels in all the states and Union Territories, including Delhi. Under this program, the program was asked to keep the same number of people, in order to maintain social distance, so that it does not affect the rules.


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