Import to lose to the new target needs to be fixed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s big statement


Narendra Modi, the Confederation of Indian industry (CII) to 125 years to complete on the is greeted. He said that the country corona virus from firmly is experiencing and we growth the instittue on will go back to it.

New Delhi:

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Corona epidemic (Coronavirus Epidemic) Because of the Born of the economic crisis faced Indian economy (Indian Economy) On track to bring the center of Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) The government constantly is taking important steps. Narendra Modi, the Confederation of Indian industry (CII) to 125 years to complete on the is greeted. Pm today by the Confederation of Indian industry (CII)annually addressed the meeting. He said that the country corona virus from firmly is experiencing. He said that we growth the instittue on will go back to it.

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Industry leaders rely on and we growth the will go back: Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi said that India’s potential on full trust. He said that the country lockdown leaving behind has been moving. He said industry leaders have relied on and we have growth back to will. In addition, growth on track to bring the government’s first priority. India has corona to battle physical resource has prepared. Reform thoughtfully and looking to the future to come. He said that the country’s talent and technology have full confidence in. He said that in the country on June 8 after the activities northwards.

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Systematic reform, plan and growth focus on
He said that the government of systematic reform, plan and growth at Focus. Modi said that farmers in the interest of the APMC Act, changes are made. Now the farmer wherever your harvest can sell. He said for long-term growth emphasis on need. The government of the bank merger and the GST-like arrangements even on the stresses.

The country development on the path to bring back the 5 things important to pay attention to
He said that India was again the quickest on the path of growth to bring back 5 things intents, inclusion, infrastructure, investment and innovation is essential. PM Modi said that poor families 53 thousand crore rupees by more than the economic help inflicting has been. He said that the MSMEs of the Definition to clarify the demand of long time from the industry was doing, she is complete and MSMEs without any worry of moving, will find him and MSMEs of the states to maintain other paths on the Walk need not continue.

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Coal sector free from the bondage been
He said that our workers welfare, keeping in mind the employment of opportunities to enhance the labour reforms are also being carried out. Jin non-strategic sectors in the private sector, allowing not only had them, also has been opened. He said that the world’s third nation which have very large amounts of coal reserves which have like you the entrepreneur business of the world leaders are, but even in that country from outside the coal came, then what is the reason? Now coal sectors, these free from the shackles of work have been started. He said that the leather, footwear and furniture sector continue to work on.

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Country of import less likely to be the new target on
He said that the need now in the country that such products become which is made in India and made for the world to be. He said that how do we the country of import at least, it ranging what new targets can be made? Let us all sectors in the productivity increase for your target to decide as won. Please tell that Modi 2.0 one year after having held this program in the industry, many of the veterans participated.


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