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Husband dies of corona, troubled wife kills herself with 2 children, emotional things written in suicide note

After the death of her husband from Corona, the wife committed suicide along with two children.

Bengaluru: After the death of her husband from Corona in Prakriti Layout area on the outskirts of Bengaluru, the wife along with her 15-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter committed suicide. The deceased have been identified as Vasanta (40), his son Yashwant and his daughter Nishvika. Vasanta had lost her husband Prasanna Kumar, who was a BMTC bus driver and conductor, last year. The incident came to light on Friday evening, when Vasanta’s brother came home after not picking up the phone. The police have recovered a long suicide note written by Vasanta, in which she describes how her life changed after the death of her husband Prasanna Kumar due to Kovid-19.Also Read – 7 lakh deaths due to corona in America so far, 7 crore people have not got the vaccine

In the suicide note, she mentioned that she was fearful, anxious and directionless after the death of her husband. The letter said, “After losing my husband, I am living like a dead person every day. There is no one to see in the world. I came to know about this harsh truth and we are ending our lives.” Also Read – Corona Vaccine: Waiting for Bharat Biotech is about to end, may get approval from WHO soon

Vasanta wrote in the suicide note, “It is not possible for me to forget my husband and move on in life. Without them though I am alive, but only in flesh and blood. I tried my best, but am not able to find answers to those questions as to who will stand with us. No one cares for my children, they have not shown any affection at all. We don’t want to live in this bad world.” Also Read – Kovid cases increased again in Kerala, more than 12 thousand cases were reported in 24 hours, 155 died

“The children had debt and responsibility. The loan could have been paid off by selling the house we owned. Money is not the only thing that matters in life. Relatives are talking that there was no problem in living life without her, but it is not easy after my husband’s death. If someone had given us some love and affection, we would not have taken this extreme step.”

Police said that Vasanta was in depression. His brother had sent his mother Tayva to live with him. The police also said that Vasantha had assured her children that she would take them to their father and mentioned this in the suicide note. The bodies of Vasanta and daughter Nishvika were found hanging together and the body of their son was found hanging separately. However, further investigation is on.


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