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Health Ministry said – if there is a separate vaccine in the second dose of Corona, then there is nothing to worry about, but…

India Corona Update: Ministry of Health said that the recovery rate of corona in the country has increased and the recovery rate has increased to 90 percent.

India Corona Update: Lockdown in most states of the country (Lockdown) Due to restrictions like, the cases of corona are steadily decreasing. The figure which has crossed 4 lakhs daily is now around 2 lakhs. In many states including Delhi, UP, Maharashtra, Haryana, a significant decrease is being reported in corona cases. In Delhi, the positivity rate, which has once crossed 35 percent, has now come down to 2 percent. In the midst of all this, the Health Ministry held a press conference on Thursday regarding the Corona crisis. Also Read – Liquor Shops Opening News: Liquor Shops to open from this day? State governments preparing to relax the lockdown

The Health Ministry said that the rate of recovery from corona in the country has increased and the recovery rate has increased to 90 percent. Cases have been reduced in 23 states. During this time it was said by the government that if a separate vaccine is given in the second dose of Kovid-vaccine, then there is no possibility of its significant side effects, but one needs to be more cautious. Also Read – Home Ministry extended Corona’s current guidelines till June 30, directs this to states and union territories

Regarding accidentally applying two different vaccines to some people at Siddharthnagar in Uttar Pradesh, Member (Health) of NITI Aayog, Dr. VK Paul said that our protocol is clear that both the doses are given of the same vaccine. needed. He said that according to protocol, be aware that this does not happen. The first vaccine should be the second vaccine, but even then it should not be such an important matter. He said that even such talks are going on that if the vaccine is replaced then immunity is more. Will tell you when it comes out. There is nothing to worry about that family. Also Read – Corruption caused by stress due to corona virus, problem for women and adolescents – These problems are coming…

On the other hand, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health Luv Agarwal said that 2,83,000 recoveries have been recorded in the country today. There are 23 states in the country where the number of recovery cases per day is more than new cases. The recovery rate is now 90%. He said that 2,11,000 cases have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. Active cases are 8.84%. On May 10, there were 37,45,000 active cases in the country, which now stands at 24,19,000.

The Health Ministry said that earlier there used to be around 100 cases daily in 531 districts, but now there has been a decrease in cases. In the last 17 days, 13 lakh cases have been recovered by recovering.

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Health Ministry said if there is a separate vaccine

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