Gurugram administration strict about lockdown – 100 Camaro is being viewed live footage simultaneously


Gurugram Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear through the video message that the lockdown will be strictly followed till 3 May. From a command center in Millennium City Gurugram, the entire Gurugram is being monitored to see if people are following the lock down. Live footage of 100 cameras can be viewed simultaneously from this control room of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority and see if people are following the lockdown.

Additional CEO of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, Sonal Goel said that this control room is helping a lot in monitoring. More than 300 cameras are installed all over Gurugram and the footage of 100 cameras can be seen in real time on this big wall.

He said that there is always an officer from the police side too, who keeps an eye around. If a crowd is seen, then immediately the police station of the area is contacted and the crowd is informed.

According to Sonal Goyal, all the cameras are also installed in the main places where there is more need to keep an eye like Mandi, Market and Road, with the help of these cameras, it is also seen whether people are following social distance or not.


On the other hand, RK Bahuguna, Advisor of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, said that people do not need to leave the house, if there is any work, then you just download the application of GMDA and do your work from home.

He told that if you want to get near, find out about a hospital, need a doctor’s number or an officer’s number, you will get everything through application. In this atmosphere of lockdown, this control room of Gurugram is proving very helpful.

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