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Gandhi Jayanti 2021: When Gandhi ji’s operation was done by lighting lantern in stormy night without electricity

When Bapu picked up the pen to sign the consent form for the operation, he even jokingly told the doctor, ‘Look how my hands are trembling… you have to do it right.’

Pune (Maharashtra) : It has been 73 years since Mahatma Gandhi left this world and on 2 October 2021, the country is celebrating his 151st birth anniversary. Even after so many years, the memories related to Gandhi ji keep reminding people of his immense character again and again. People remember every incident related to his life as if it was just yesterday. One such incident is of the year 1924, which has now passed 97 years. Gandhiji was undergoing an appendix operation at Sassoon Hospital in Pune and the storm outside was not taking its name, due to which the power went out. In this stormy night, Gandhiji’s operation was started in the flashlight, fighting the darkness, but this too was answered in the middle. After all, British doctors operated on Mahatma Gandhi’s appendix under the light of a lantern.Also Read – Gandhi Jayanti 2021: Mahatma Gandhi left his mark in films made in every era, see list here

A long time of 97 years has passed on that stormy night. That 400 square feet operation theater of the government hospital has been made a memorial. A table, a trolley and some other equipments have been kept there during Bapu’s operation in this room, which has now been made a memorial. Not only this, there is also a rare painting in this room, which depicts the operation of Mahatma Gandhi. Also Read – Gandhi Jayanti 2021 Quotes In Hindi: If you want to get success in life, then read these priceless thoughts of Gandhi ji, the way of living life will change

Every year on October 2, hospital workers pay floral tributes on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in the memorial built ‘Sassoon Sarvochar Rognalaya’ and in this operation theater of BJ Medical College. In fact, American journalist Louis Fisher has mentioned that operation in his book ‘Mahatma Gandhi – His Life and Time’. Also Read – Mahatama Gandhi Diet Plan: Mahatma Gandhi was a nutritionist of his time, know which secret diet plan always kept fit

Fisher has written in his book that Mahatma Gandhi was admitted to Sassoon Hospital on 12 January 1924 due to a serious problem of appendicitis. The government was waiting for the arrival of Indian doctors from Mumbai, but before midnight, British surgeon Colonel Maddock told Gandhi that his operation would have to be done immediately.

While preparing for the operation, Bapu requested that the head of the ‘Servants of India Society’, VS Srinivasa Shastri and his friend Dr. Phatak be called, this was also done on Bapu’s request. After this, these people together issued a public statement, in which Bapu said that he himself has given consent for the operation. The doctors treated him well and said that whatever happens, there should be no anti-government protests.

All this was done because, along with Gandhiji, the officials also knew very well that if anything went wrong in the operation, anti-government agitations would start. Then it will be difficult for the government to stop them. When Bapu raised the pen to sign the consent form for consent to the operation, he even jokingly said to Colonel Maddock, ‘Look how my hands are trembling… you have to do it right.’

In response, Maddock also told Gandhiji with full confidence, we will apply all our strength. Preparations for the operation were complete, Gandhiji was given chlorofoam. When the operation started, it was raining outside and it was raining. The power also went out during the operation. Three nurses held lanterns and lit it, then Gandhiji was operated upon. After the operation was successful, Bapu also thanked Dr. Maddock.


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