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Final Opinion Poll: Who can win in Bundelkhand, BJP or SP … Find out

Attempts were made to find out who will get how many seats in Bundelkhand and what the people want.

Final Opinion Survey: In Uttar Pradesh, between February 10 and March 7, voting will be held in seven stages under the 2022 Assembly elections. G News There have been public opinion polls before. This is a story beyond the scope of recent opinion polls. The poll was conducted after the distribution of tickets. In other words, it is now clear to the voters which party leader should or should not vote. After the distribution of tickets, the general public’s opinion becomes clearer, because now they can know which party is contesting which leader in their constituency. With that, it becomes clear in the minds of the voters which party they are going to vote for. This time the opinion poll will clear the position of 403 assembly seats in the entire state in front of you. This opinion poll was conducted from 20 January to 2 February 2022. For this, 3 lakh people of Uttar Pradesh have been spoken to. So what is the delay, find out the opinion poll information of G News below.Read also – Final Opinion Poll: Tough competition between BJP and SP in Western UP, find out who can win how many seats out of 71

In this series, we are going to tell you about the condition of Bandlekhand. Who will get how many seats in Bundelkhand, know what people want Read also – Final Opinion Poll: BJP is the largest party in the Oudh region, estimated at 76-82 seats. Live update

What percentage of votes can a party get in Bundelkhand?

Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh has seven districts. There are 19 seats in seven districts. In Bundelkhand, the BJP is expected to get 49 per cent, the SP 21 per cent, the BSP 19 per cent and the Congress 5 per cent, while others could get 6 per cent, according to a G-News poll. An earlier opinion poll conducted by Zee News estimated that the BSP would get only 9 per cent of the vote in Bundelkhand, where it has now risen to 19 per cent. That means the BSP’s vote share has risen 10 percent since January 19. Earlier, the BJP was expected to get 59 per cent votes, but now it has come down. Now it has come down to 49 percent. Even after this, BJP is far ahead here. Read more: Prime Minister Modi says if SP returns to power, it will wreak havoc in UP, those with riot mentality will be fearless

How many seats can BJP get in Bundelkhand?

In Bundlekhand, the BJP could win 17 to 19 seats. The Samajwadi Party is expected to get only one seat here, while the Congress and the Samajwadi Party do not seem to get any seats here. Even in the 2017 elections, the BJP won 19 seats here.

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