Exam Pay Practice 2021: The woman asked such a question, Prime Minister Modi said – Laughing out loud, I …

Exam Pay Practice 2021: The woman asked such a question, Prime Minister Modi said – Laughing out loud, I …

One woman in the test discussion asked if my questions make you laugh, but I want to ask.

Pariksha Char Church 2021: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) today gave advice on study and examination in the examination program on examination. During the program, a woman asked Prime Minister Modi a different question than studying. One woman asked if my questions make you laugh, but I want to ask. The woman then asked a question that Prime Minister Modi said that I do not understand whether I should laugh out loud or not. Read more – #PrikshaParicha 2022: PM Modi tells students in exam exams – do the hard work first

In fact, a woman wanted to know from Prime Minister Modi that children do not eat food. His mind is busy eating fast food. He likes junk food. Do what kids can eat. On this, Prime Minister Modi said that out of so many questions, there are questions on the basis of which I do not understand what to do. Did I laugh out loud just when Prime Minister Modi responded and said tell me about baby food. Explain in detail about the benefits of eating. Read more – WB Assembly Election 2021: PM Modi attacks Mamata Banerjee

Prime Minister Modi said that if we can collect information from them too, we can create a game that we can play once a week. What are the benefits of carrots? You can tell about this kind of thing. Nutrition is found in any food, which should be eaten, which food is important, it can tell children. Read more – West Bengal Phase 3 Voting Live: PM Modi’s Statement – Muslim Vote Bank

You can also ask the teacher. Teachers can easily remind children about food. We can do new experiments. I have seen many families where children are served healthy food.

Besides, Prime Minister Modi answered many more questions. Prime Minister Modi said that it would be better if the children first asked difficult questions. At that time you will be very fresh and able to apply more mind. Ask the question what you can do easily. The Prime Minister urged the teachers that they should be aware of the students even after taking up the matter. Talk to students even outside of the subject.

Prime Minister Modi said that if a student has free time, do not think it is zero. Do it for free, it will bring you happiness. As much as I like to sit on the swing in my spare time, my heart rejoices. Also note what should be avoided in your free time. Otherwise you will feel tired. Increase curiosity in free time. If mom is emptying it, take a good look, it will work. Prime Minister Modi said that children should be taught socialization.

One woman asked if the children had to go back to work. What should be done is what the children themselves do. Prime Minister Modi said that if you don’t mind, I would say that the kids have to run after them as they are ahead of us. Parents impose the burden of their goals on their child. Children consider a machine. Then when the kids fail, the parents blame the kids. Although it shouldn’t be.

Prime Minister Modi said that good habits should be in the child. The light you want the baby to see should come from inside. Give examples of the benefits of good work for children. Kids are never scared. And don’t try to intimidate the work. Fear can give immediate benefits but it can become difficult later. Because with the end of fear, the dedication to that work will also end. So, inspire the kids. Explaining it will not create fear. It will last. Prime Minister Modi said that only those who are famous or who appear in TV and newspapers have careers. It’s not like Waiter. There are many careers so you can be successful. Maintaining dreams is not bad, but not sitting with dreams. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

Let us know that since 2018, Prime Minister Modi has been holding discussions with students before the exams. It was held for the first time at the Tokkatora Stadium in Delhi. Through the ‘Exam Practice 2021’ program, he interacts with students every year and gives them tips to overcome the stress of exams.


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