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Delhi Liquor Shop Closed: Delhiites should be careful, private liquor shop is closing for 45 days from tomorrow

Under the new excise policy, all 850 liquor shops, including 266 private liquor shops, have been given to private companies through open tender.

Delhi Liquor Shop Closed: All private liquor shops will be closed in the capital Delhi from 1 October i.e. tomorrow. At present, these shops will be closed for 45 days. During this time only government liquor shops can be opened in Delhi. At the same time, there is a possibility in the capital that people may have to face the shortage of liquor in the capital for the next 45 days. Due to this, problems like long queues and out of stock at liquor shops may have to be faced. About 40 percent of all liquor shops in Delhi are private. Now under the new excise policy, all 850 liquor shops including 266 private liquor shops have been given to private companies through open tender. At the same time, retail sales will start from November 17 for the new license.Also Read – Big relief in renewal of documents of vehicles including driving license, RC, will be able to get renewal till this date

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1- Under the new excise policy, the Delhi government wants to improve the liquor business in Delhi by cleaning up the liquor mafia and ending theft. Also Read – Delhi Me Kab Khulenge School: When will schools up to 8th open in Delhi, may be decided on 30 September

2- Delhi government wants to ensure equitable distribution of liquor by dividing Delhi into 32 zones.

3- There will be about 27 liquor shops in every zone with 8-10 wards.

4- From November 17, retailers will be free to fix the sale price of liquor according to the competitive environment.

5- After the implementation of the new excise policy, the Delhi government is expected to get revenue of about Rs 10,000 crore from the auction of liquor shops.

6- The age of selling and serving liquor will be according to the nearest states. That is, in the states where the law age is already 21 years. However, at present the drinking age in Delhi is 25 years.

7- The shops will be designed in a special way, so that there will be no crowd inside the liquor shops. At the same time, CCTV cameras will be installed outside and inside the shops.

8- A new policy has been introduced for hotels-clubs and restaurants. Now many other licenses will not be required before getting a bar license. At the same time, the only fire NOC is also mandatory.

9- A new license will be allotted for Banquet Hall, Party Place, Farm House, Motel in the form of L-38. P-10, P-10A, P-11 and P-13 licenses are mandatory for parties and functions organized at such venues. This will be a temporary license.


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