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CoronaVirus In India: For how long will we have to wear masks? Know the answer of Dr VK Paul

CoronaVirus In India: There is a question in the minds of people that for how long will we have to wear masks? Know what NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul has given the answer in this regard …

CoronaVirus In India: Wearing a mask to avoid corona has now become one of our habits. Apart from this, following social distancing, washing hands frequently has become a part of our life. On one hand, while people are protecting themselves by getting the corona vaccine, the question of people is that how long will we continue to wear masks like this? When will we get rid of masks? When will we go out without masks and roam as before?Also Read – Covid-19 New Guidelines: How death due to corona will be considered as Kovid death, government issued new guidelines

Will have to wear a mask till next year Also Read – May the third wave of Corona come in October? Government warned, no relaxation can be given in Maharashtra-Kerala…

All these questions of the people have been answered by Dr VK Paul, member of NITI Aayog. He has said that next year, till 2022, we will have to wear masks like this. To defeat Corona, there is a dire need of vaccine, medicine as well as appropriate behavior. If Corona is to be defeated then all these things have to be followed together, so next year also people in India will have to wear masks. Also Read – Covid 19 in USA: Indians beware! Corona wreaks havoc on children in America 2.5 lakh children got infected in 7 days

Corona guidelines will have to be strictly followed during festivals

Along with this, Doctor VK Paul has warned in view of the upcoming festivals this year and said that the possibility of third wave is not averted yet, the time to come is risky. He said that during big festivals like Diwali and Dussehra, if corona restrictions are not strictly followed, then the spread of corona virus can spread rapidly.

Will the third wave of corona also come..

Apart from this, Dr. Paul also answered the most asked question- Will there be a third wave of corona in India? Paul said that this cannot be denied. Herd immunity can be created through the vaccine in the next four-five months. We have to prepare ourselves to avoid the pandemic and I think it will be possible if we come together to combat it.


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