Coronavirus (Covid-19): the common man may seem a big blow, non-essential items above may increase the tax


Coronavirus (Covid-19): according to sources, the GST Council June (GST Council Meeting June 2020) in the middle of the meeting in the states and centre to raise revenue for some non-essential items on the tax rate and cess (cess) increase consider can.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19): The GST Council of Jun (GST Council Meeting June 2020) In the middle of next meeting the indirect tax in the framework of the major changes is unlikely. A top government source said that the Center for any object or service of the tax on the increase in rates is not in favor of it, because consumption and demand and may affect on which Cover-19 pandemic (Coronavirus Epidemic) And Nationwide off (Lockdown) The first is also quite effects is to find.

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In April, many states in the GST collection in allegedly 80 to 90 percent of losses suffered
According to sources, it is to be expected that Goods and Services Tax (GST) The council states and centre to raise revenue for some non-essential items on the tax rate and cess (cess) increase consider can. Many states in April, the GST collection in allegedly 80 to 90 percent of the loss suffered. In addition to the official data, yet the Centre has not been released. The Ministry of finance official source said that the time required promote consumption and demand to improve it. He said that the rates and relief the issue of the decision on the GST Council, the same will, which the next month meeting to have. The GST Council headed by the Union Finance Minister (Finance Minister) Nirmala Seetharaman (Nirmala Sitharaman) Unfolds.

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Council to those states the expectations of even balanced, that Coronavirus outbreak after large revenue losses facing. Nationwide off since the businesses in wide-scale disruption has been generated, because in recent days from the GST via the received revenue in a drastic reduction has been seen. Nationwide off during the businesses deliver on impact, causing wide-scale people a job gone is lying. On this issue, the official said that the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Labor to cover-19 during the job about the loss of data collected is said to. He said that the ministry job well and pay cut on constantly is to keep an eye.

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India Chinese investment in the imposition of restrictions on the question on the official clarified that foreign portfolio investment (FPI) through China to restrict yet no decision has been taken. Government debt monetization when asked about the official said that the issue then will be seen when we are a phase or stage will arrive at, and yet that step has not come. The government of the 20 lakh crore more than the economic package on the issue of the official said that other countries of the economic packages should not be compared, because of India’s requirements are different from others. The official source said that we reforms placing more emphasis on are the economy, which give strength to the are required. In our country its more is required.

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