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Corona vaccine in Bihar News: CM Nitish says who will get corona vaccine in Bihar first

Corona vaccine in Bihar News: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said that corona will be vaccinated first in the state. Learn ..

Corona vaccine in Bihar News: Who will get the first vaccine for corona in Bihar and when will this vaccine start, said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He told reporters on Tuesday that preparations were being made to vaccinate against corona, and that health workers and people over the age of 50 would be vaccinated against corona. He said it could take 4 to 5 months to vaccinate. Read more – Serum and India Biotech end this feud, issue a joint statement – Our vaccines are available to the whole world

In a discussion on the corona vaccine published across the country, CM Nitish Kumar said that the Bihar government was fully prepared for the vaccine. He said that we have prepared a complete roadmap for vaccination. Vaccination will begin soon and those who meet the priority conditions as per the guidelines issued by the central government will be vaccinated. Read more – Pfizer coroner vaccine update: Pfizer suspected, health worker killed in Portugal, side effects seen in Finland-Bulgaria

Referring to the controversy that erupted during the lockdown, Nitish Kumar said that rumors were being spread on social media. Wrong things are spread on social media. The opposite of what is done is visible on social media. Read more – Schools reopen Latest News 2021: When schools will reopen after vaccination, find out official preparations

Raising questions against the opposition, he said that people were returning to Bihar on foot during the lockout. The question of not sending cars to the people was also raised at that time, though it is true that Bihar has properly followed the guidelines of the central government and acted accordingly.

Nitish Kumar said that we talked about changing the guidelines and after the train started, 22 lakh people returned to Bihar. He said all the people who came back during the lockdown in Bihar were well taken care of. The government has spent about Rs 50,000 per person in 14 days.

Referring to the green description of water life, Nitish Kumar said that poor residents in ponds and rivers would be relocated. In addition, people from poor families will be paid for their displacement.


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