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Congress leaders consider themselves to be Tees Maar Khan, but cannot defeat BJP: Natwar Singh

Former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh says that he does not think that the Congress can defeat the BJP in the assembly elections to be held in five states.

They don’t have an advisor but think they’re ‘tees maar khan’: Former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh, who was a strong leader of the Congress, said in a conversation with ANI news agency that the Congress cannot defeat the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the upcoming elections. He named the party leadership and said that if these leaders go to campaign, then no one will listen to them. “If the Congress leadership had come up now and worked to quell the ongoing rebellion in the party, something could have happened,” he said.Also Read – UP: Akhilesh attacked BJP Govt, said – we have the opportunity of Rath Yatra again, this is the victory march of SP

Natwar Singh said, I do not think that Congress can defeat BJP in the assembly elections to be held in five states. He has not yet taken any decision to quell the rebellion. They have taken wrong decisions. They don’t even have any kind of advisor and they consider themselves to be Tees Maar Khan. Also Read – Congress MLA returned to Chhattisgarh by special plane from Delhi, said – ‘All is well’

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Natwar Singh also clarified his opinion regarding Navjot Singh Sidhu. He said, ‘Amarinder Singh said that Sidhu has been in my cabinet for 7 months, he has not seen a file. He is an unstable man. How can you make him the President of Punjab Congress Committee? Didn’t even listen to them, the judgment of party leaders is so bad.

He said, Congress does not have an advisor, Antony was out and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is sitting silent. Manmohan Singh may say something subdued, but he does not. There is no one to advise them and they feel that we are Tees Maar Khan. (input from ANI)


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