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China maneuvering along the border, deployed S-400 air missile defense system at LAC


new Delhi: Amidst the escalating conflict on the border, there are reports that China has deployed the S-400 air missile defense system on the LAC adjacent to India. Let us tell you that recently, during his Moscow visit, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had requested Russia to deliver the S-400 missile system soon.


According to India’s defense expert GD Bakshi, China has deployed the S-400 missile system on the Line of Actual Control ie LAC from India. Actually, Russia gave S-400 missile system to China in the year 2018. Earlier, S-300 was also given.


India also signed a S-400 system deal with Russia in 2018. In this deal of about 39 thousand crores, India is going to get five (05) S-400 batteries. But Delavari is being delayed due to Corona epidemic. During a recent visit to Russia, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had demanded the delivery of the S-400 missile system soon. It is believed that India will get this system by the end of this year.

The S-400 missile provides long-range air defense and has a range of about 400 km. That is, if anyone tries to attack a missile or aircraft etc., then this missile system is capable of destroying it as soon as possible. It is an anti-ballistic missile. That is, this attack can speak faster than the speed of voice.

But it is important to tell you here that the Indian Air Force has been completely alert ever since the conflict between the Indian and Chinese forces has started on the Line of Actual Control. All the front line airbases of the Air Force are fully attentive and Sukhoi, MiG-29, Mirage 2000 and Jaguar fighter aircraft are combating air combat airspace along the China border. Avax and Navy’s P8I reconnaissance aircraft have been deployed for aerial surveillance.

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According to sources, the Air Force has been instructed to be ready in just eight (08) minutes to deal with any situation. India also enjoys an increase in air power from China because all the front line airbases of India are in low altitude areas – Ambala, Halwara (Ludhiana), Adampur (Jalandhar), Pathankot, Bathinda, Sirsa, Srinagar. In such a situation, Indian fighter aircraft can also go for long distances with more fuel and can carry more missiles i.e. more missiles and bombs.

Because there is news that China has alerted all its airbases adjacent to India. These include Lhasa, Hotan, Nagri-Gunsa, Ningsi and Shanan. China has deployed J-20 stealth aircraft including its Sukhoi, J-8,10, 11 at these airbases. There is also unconfirmed news that China can also use the Pakistan-occupied Skardu airbase for dog fighting with India.

By the end of next month, the first batch of Rafale fighter jets from France is also going to reach Ambala. In such a situation, by joining Rafal’s Air Force, the Indian Air Force will get an edge against China.

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