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Case of ‘Narcotic Jihad’, Kerala BJP writes to Amit Shah for the protection of Catholic bishops

He wrote after openly threats against the bishop by Islamic organizations.

Narcotic Jihad Case: State General Secretary of Kerala BJP and former Vice Chairman of All India Minorities Commission, George Kurien has written to Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, seeking protection to Joseph Bishop Kallarangat, Arch Bishop of Pala. He wrote after openly threats against the bishop by Islamic organizations. Bishop Joseph Kallarangat, while addressing believers at the Martha Mary Pilgrim Church in Kuruvilangad in Kottayam district on Wednesday, said that non-Muslims in Kerala are victims of “narcotic jihad”. He said that there are two types of jihad – love jihad and narcotic jihad.Also Read – Why is there a political ruckus in Kerala over ‘Narcotic Jihad’? Pala Christianity area gave clarification

Bishop said he had said that ‘narcotic jihad’ is an activity to spoil the lives of non-Muslims, especially youth, by making them addicted to drugs. In a letter to the Union Home Minister, the BJP state general secretary said that the chief minister of the state as well as the leaders of the opposition have come out against the bishop and this has empowered Islamic organizations to publicly protest against the bishop. Also Read – COVID19 Update: 33,376 new cases of corona came in the country, number of patients increased, 308 deaths were registered

Addressing media persons in Kochi, Kurien said, “The position of Chief Minister and opposition leader of the state has given strength to divisive organizations and for the first time in the history of the state, extremist organizations have marched towards the Bishop’s House.” Also Read – ‘All people above 18 years of age will be vaccinated in Kerala by 30th September’

He said the extremists who participated in the march used abusive language against the bishop near the bishop’s house. The senior BJP leader said that the extremists had also threatened the bishop that he would not be allowed to walk freely on the road.

Speaking to media persons, George Kurien said, “In this context of threat to the life of a bishop, I have requested the Union Home Minister Amit Shah to provide security to Bishop Joseph Kallarangat.”

Union Minister of State for External Affairs and former Kerala BJP state president V. Muraleedharan on Saturday said the time has gone to “cut off the hands of Islamic extremists” and the BJP will give full protection to the bishop.

The BJP, which is struggling to gain a foothold in the state, is trying to use this anti-bishop remark by both the CPM and the Congress, the mainstream political parties of the state, as an opportunity and is trying to capitalize on the same.

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