Sushant Singh Rajput: In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, many public incidents are coming to light every day. In such a situation, the statement of Sushant’s friend Smita has been published today. Smitha said she said these people would not leave me.

Sushant Singh Rajput: Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case is coming to light every day. In such a situation, Sushant’s friend Smita Parik’s statement came out today. Smitha says that Sushant used to say that these people will not leave me.

Sushant was scared for her life after Disha Salian

Smita said that Sushant was feeling quite upset after Disha Salian died. He was panicking. He told me that I was too scared to stay in Mumbai. Now these people will not leave me. He also informed his brother-in-law about the matter.

Sushant was not a coward

Smitha said that Sushant is not so cowardly as to commit suicide. Sushant was never disappointed. He said a lot had changed since the rear arrived. He separated all his friends from Sushant.

Siddhartha Pithani and Riya say the same thing

Smitha said that Siddhartha Pithani and Riya’s statement was always the same. Riya praised Siddhartha and Siddhartha praised Riya. Please tell that Siddhartha Pithani lived in his flat with Sushant. The two were very good friends. Today, Siddharth has issued a statement against Sushant’s family. He said Sushant’s family was pressuring me to make a statement against Riya. Explain that it can be assumed that Siddhartha is hiding a lot.


Cook’s statement also came to the fore

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Sushant’s cook said that he did not know when he was in despair? Sushant’s cook Ashok Kumar Khasu said that I have been working with him since 2016. As long as I was with him, he did not take any medicine. Ashok Kumar said that there are rumors about all these things that Sushant Sir had a frustration. Anyone who has said this should ask where this frustration came from.

No work

Cook said Sushant never had free time. He took a break from work after the movie Dil Bechar. Because they were tired from working day and night. He wanted to rest for a while.

Said he was busy

Cook said I went to my house last year. I came back and stopped me to tell her that Sushant was still busy. He said that many changes have taken place in Sushant’s life since the arrival of Riya.



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