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Break on 180 year old Ramlila in Delhi, residents getting emotional remembering the old days

The Ramlila of Chandni Chowk was started during the reign of Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Ramlila ride and festival used to be Ajmeri Gate from Chandni Chowk.

Oldest Ramlila in Delhi: Ramlilas are part of our culture. For many generations, it has also been a medium to pass on the rituals to the next generation. In such a situation, when you get the news that Ramlila, which has been happening for more than 180 years, will not be able to happen this year, then the mind becomes sad. Strange nostalgia envelops and then old memories float in front of my eyes. The old days are always remembered. I remember how big leaders of the country used to reach this Ramlila before and after independence. How this Ramlila used to work to awaken the spirit of freedom and democracy among the people. Many people’s relationships will be connected in this Ramlila. People used to come to see Ramlila and here the unbreakable bonds of marriage were added. Before you sink into the depths of old memories and shed a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtears, come back to the present. There is talk of Ramlila being organized by Shri Ramlila Committee.Also Read – Delhi Power Cut: Big news for Delhiites! There may be power cuts in the coming days due to coal crisis, but…

This Ramlila, being organized in Chandni Chowk, which is called the heart of Delhi, has been happening every year for more than 180 years. Due to Kovid-19, Ramlila could not be organized even last year, but this year when the conditions were under control, everyone was hopeful that they would enjoy Ramlila. According to the English newspaper Hindustan Times, the Sri Ramlila Committee says that the authorities gave permission for the Ramlila festival too late, due to which the event was not possible this time also. Also Read – Soon Singhu and Tikri Border will open! Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar met Amit Shah after people’s ‘complaint’

The Ramlila of Chandni Chowk was started during the reign of Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Ramlila rides and festivals used to take place from Chandni Chowk to Ajmeri Gate. But due to Kovid last year and due to delay in getting permission this year, people in and around Delhi could not see this grand Ramlila. Also Read – Delhi doctors barely saved the lives of two patients who accidentally drank sanitizer

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) had approved the staging of Ramlila on September 29 itself, following the necessary norms related to Kovid, such as 50 percent seating capacity, but the organizers had to take separate permission for the festival.

Rajesh Khanna, general secretary of Shri Ramlila Committee, said that we had applied for permission to stage Ramlila and festival of Ramlila ride at Ramlila Maidan itself. But we got permission for this only two days ago. In such a situation, when the necessary preparations for Ramlila have not been completed, then how could we organize Ramlila. It takes more than a month to prepare for Ramlila.

Usually, the organization of Ramlila starts from the first day of Navratri, this time the staging of Ramlila was to start from Thursday 7 October. Now that the situation of Kovid is under control, Shri Ramlila Committee hopes that next year Ramlila will be organized in a grand manner.

General Secretary Rajesh Khanna and other members of Shri Ramlila Committee say that this has happened only three times in history, when Ramlila could not be organized. ‘Last year due to Kovid, Ramlila could not take place and this year also it happened due to delay in getting permission. Apart from this, during the partition of the country in 1947-48, Ramlila could not be staged. This is the oldest Ramlila in Delhi, which was also supported by the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Shri Ramlila Committee member Vijay Sarathi said, ‘Ramlila could not be held for two years, but we have full hope that the grand Ramlila will be organized like before next year.’

Sanjay Bhargava, president of Chandni Chowk Sarva Vyapar Mandal, an association of traders, says, ‘Ramlila ride used to be a big attraction during the festival season. People used to reach from every corner of Delhi to see it. Recalling the old days, Bhargava says, ‘Every day at around 4 pm, Ramlila ride used to start from Esplanade Road and then end by going to Ramlila Maidan located at Ajmeri Gate. In these 9-10 days, people used to come out of their homes and come on the road to see this magnificent sight. Everyone used to paint in the colors of the festival, be it traders or ordinary residents.

Bhargava said that the color of Ramlila has definitely slowed down in the last few years, because many people have left here and settled in other places. The Kovid epidemic has affected the grand form of Ramlila, but there are other reasons as well. Ever since people have settled in other areas, the attraction of Ramlila has diminished to some extent.


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