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BJP leaders get promotion for speaking against Rahul Gandhi: Congress

Congress said- BJP leaders what they are doing for the country and their department, it doesn’t matter, just they should know how to speak against Rahul Gandhi.

New Delhi: Congress said amid the ongoing discussion about the possibility of reshuffle in the Union Council of Ministers, the criteria for getting promotion in the Narendra Modi government is that which minister has tweeted against Rahul Gandhi. Also Read – Bihar News: Amidst Modi cabinet expansion, Congress called its leaders to Delhi, will meet Rahul Gandhi tomorrow

Party spokesperson Pawan Khera also asked why those governors, against whom allegations of playing with the Constitution, were not removed? Asked about the possible reshuffle in the Union Council of Ministers, he told reporters, “It is the prerogative of the Prime Minister. But if there is any kind of reshuffle in the Modi government, then no such person is replaced against whom there is a complaint. Such a person is given a reward. Also Read – Mamta Banerjee wrote a letter to PM Modi saying – reduce taxes from petrol and diesel, inflation is uncontrolled in the country

Pawan Khera claimed, “In the eyes of the Prime Minister, to get a high rank in the cabinet, the only qualification should be how many tweets the ministers tweet against Rahul Gandhi on Twitter. The promotion of the minister is based on this. What he is doing for the country and his department doesn’t matter.” He asked, “Where the criteria are, what will be the benefit to the country?” Also Read – PM Modi said – India will provide Kovin platform to all countries, we consider the whole world as one family

In the context of change of governors of many states and appointment of new governors, the Congress spokesperson said, “Has any governor been removed against whom there are serious allegations of playing with the constitution? Whether it is the governor of West Bengal or the governor of Rajasthan or the administrator of Lakshadweep, have they been changed?

Significantly, Union Minister Thaawarchand Gehlot was on Tuesday appointed as the new Governor of Karnataka and Mangubhai Chhaganbhai Patel as the new Governor of Madhya Pradesh. According to a release issued quoting the President’s Press Secretary, governors have been appointed or reshuffled in eight states. These appointments and changes have been made at a time when there is a possibility of a reshuffle in the Union Council of Ministers.


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