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Bihar: The lover used to cycle 17 km to meet the girlfriend, the villagers got married in the temple

It was seen in Ramnagar block of West Champaran, Bihar, where a young man who came to meet his girlfriend after cycling 17 km, finally got his destination.

Bihar, West Champaran, Love Story, News: You may have heard tales of defaming the name of love in today’s era, but if true love is done with the spirit of determination and dedication, then love gets the destination. One such case has come to the fore in West Champaran district of Bihar, where a young man who came to meet his girlfriend after cycling 17 kms finally got his destination. Both of them tied the knot on Thursday night at Khatauri Shiva temple in Ramnagar block. On this occasion, the families of both also blessed the newlyweds and wished them well.Also Read – Love Story in Bihar: The lover used to go to his village to meet his girlfriend by riding a bicycle, when people saw it, he got married in the temple

Villagers told that three years ago, Manju Kumari, a resident of Saphi Bhaval village, had gone to the connected village of Ramnagar on the occasion of marriage at a relative’s house. He met Bablu Kumar, a resident of Belwa Chakhni village, who came here on the occasion of marriage. During this, both of them got acquainted and then a deep friendship developed between the two. After marriage, both of them went back to their respective villages and both of them started talking on the phone. Also Read – Shiddat: Radhika Madan is ready for love and love, nowadays it is just waiting day and night

During this time, this friendship gradually turned into love. Both started looking for time to meet each other. Meanwhile, in time, Bablu would cycle 17 kms to reach his girlfriend’s village and the two started meeting near the village. The news of this could not remain hidden for long. When Manju’s family members came to know about this, they got angry. Also Read – Bihar Panchayat Chunav 2021 Date: Voting for the first phase of Bihar Panchayat elections will be held on Friday, in 12 blocks of 10 districts

It was told that the villagers once caught both of them meeting, but both were released with a warning. Despite this, the two continued to meet. According to the villagers, when the families of both came to know about this, then panchayats were also called in both the villages, but Bablu and Manju had vowed to live and die together. Both remained adamant on the insistence of marriage. After this the panchayat also tried to convince the families of both, but both the families were not ready for this marriage.

Villagers say that on Thursday evening, Bablu came to meet his girlfriend again in her village that the villagers caught both of them and preparations were made for their marriage. The families of both were extinguished by the villagers to convince them and in the end they also agreed to the marriage.

After the consent of both the families, both were married in the Khatauri Shiva temple. On this occasion, when the women of the village sang songs, the families of both blessed the newlyweds and wished them well for their future. After marriage, Prasanna Bablu tells that after three years he finally got his destination. He said that we both had true love. For three years, both used to meet secretly, but today they got married.


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